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Can we add sugar in juice for weight loss?

can we add sugar in juice for weight loss?

Can we add sugar in juices for weight loss? Does sugar really help me in weight loss? From where sugar is produced? Advantages and disadvantages of sugar. How much sugar we can eat? What are the alternatives of sugar? Let us see in this article.

Sugar origin.

Sugar is a 4000 years old crop. Some says it came from Papua new Guinea some say it came from India. In india it is cultivated for more than 4000 years from the ages of indus valley civilization. The ancient indians used it to make sweets for their festival. Sugar is also under consumption in Asian countries.

So how sugar is made?

Sugar we use in our kitchen is come from high sucrose plants. Sugarcane and beets have high amount of sucrose. That's why you see your doctor advice not to give to sugar patients. This plants have high sucrose content.

a. At first the plants are plucked and taken to large factories.

b. There they are cleaned well. Then crushed to make juices. You will see large machines crushing and making the juices.

c. Then the sugar juices are crystalised. Again it is moved to another plant where the unwanted starches are removed through molases process.

d. Then finay the crystalized sugars are heated once again to remove the unwanted impurities. From there you get your table sugar.

e. Don't believe in all the concpiracies. No such a extra thing is added in sugar. What you add in your juice is completely organic and good for your health.

Advantages of sugar.

The main advantages of sugar is it is high in calories. Tablespoon of sugar contains 16gms of calories. Thats why in all the energy drinks you have sugar. Sugar contains high glucose and gives instant energy.

The main source of candies and bake. All the candies and bakery products contain sugar in it. From chocolates, biscuits and bread you can find sugar in it. Sugar plays a vital role in your day to day life.

Produce happy hormones called dopamine. Sugar helps you with the good mood. Sugar is far better than alcohol. You can add few spoons of sugar in your juice or coffee.

Fights low sugar. Low sugar is one such a problem. So if you have low sugar you can have candies in your pocket. They help you if you feel passing out.

Disadvantages of sugar.

Just like carbohydrates. The big problem is it's proportions. People doesn't know how much to take it. People who eat high sugar will end up in disease.

Sugar is the main reason for diabetes. Eating too much of sugar will cause diabetes. Sugar will affect insulin production in the body leading to diabetes.

Sugar is in different form. People consider sugar only what they see in kitchen. Actually sugar is in different from. From beets, rice, cakes. So you have to be cautious.

Sugar may cause cancer. Sugar may not be the direct reason for cancer. But it will indirectly boost metabolism and inactivity in the body leads to cancer. Sugar alone responsible for poor performance of the body.

Even jaggery is sugar. People looking for alternatives. Any form of sugar like jaggery or any so called organic product you see in the market is sugar. You have to completely avoid it.

Can we add sugar in juice for weight loss?

No. You should not add sugar in juice for weight loss. The juice we all drinking is citrus fruits. Whether it is lemon or orange. All are citrus fruits with high calories. Each glass of citrus juice contains 20 grams of calories. So it is not advisable to add extra calories on it. Teaspoon of sugar contains 16 grams of calories on it. So better to avoid it.

Secondly people are talking about alternative sugar like honey or jaggery. Whatever you are taking is still sugar and you have to avoid it if you want to lose weight. The lemonade without sugar is best to lose weight. Drinking three glass of lemonade will surely help you in weight loss. Also don't forget your diet and exercises.

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