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Tom Hanks shocked his fans with sudden weight loss. Tom Hanks was suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Tom Hanks attended cannes festival on yesterday. Tom Hanks was wearing black coat and attended the event with his family and friends. The sixty five year old was suffering from type two diabetes a condition in which insulin stop produced from the body leading to high sugar level. In 2020 actor was suffering from covid and respiratory conditions. Tom Hanks settled in Australia to spend his retirement life along with his wife. He was spotted in New York last week. The paris picture circulating on social media has raise concern on Tom's health.

Tom Hanks the icon of Hollywood.

Tom Hanks is one of the most respected actor in hollywood. He was remembered for his amazing roles in The cast away, Forrest Gump and The saving of private ryan. Tom Hanks films had grossed over more than five billion in north America and 10 billion worldwide. Tom Hanks was born in Concord, California to a hospital worker. Tom was quite and intovert from childhood. He got his interest in theatre art. He studied theatre at Chabot college in California. His loneliness helped him to build his own life. Tom Hanks call himself shy and introvert.

At 1980 Tom Hanks did small roles for survival. He acted in slasher film "He knows You're alone". He also acted in The Mandrake and Bosom Buddies. For over decade he was struggling with acting opportunities. His breakthrough came after ten years of struggles. 1990 was breakthrough in his life. His breakthrough came in the league of their own, The sleepless in Seattle and Philadelphia.

In an interview Tom Hanks told how decades of struggle helped him to grow and he also thanked his costars in the industry.

Breakthrough in Hollywood.

In 1993, movie Philadelphia was released. The movie is about gay person who was suffering from AIDS and was discriminated by his office workers. The movie talked about gay rights and their struggles. Tom explained how important that role was. He explained his school teachers were gay and they hide their relationship for a very long time fearing of the society. For this role Tom Hanks had lost more than 16 kgs. In next year Forrest Gump was released. The movie is about good hearted but average guy's life. How he overcome his struggles. The movie explain about mother love, friendship and anti vietnam war. The movie crossed more than 600 millions worldwide and comes under top ten movies of all time.

His top movies includes The Cast Away, The Circle, Larry Crowne, The Terminal, The Bachelor Party. Making him one of the most successful and respectful actor in the industry.

Suffering from Corona in 2020.

2020 is the most testing times of our time. Loosing all our legends. Tom Hanks suffering from covid had shook the Hollywood. However the actor recovered after a long struggle. He had all the complications. He got his vaccination and supported others to get it.

Tom Hanks and old age.

Tom Hanks is one of the respected in the industry with four decades of experience. After covid the actor was visibly loosing his health. He was rarely seen. Tom Hanks also moved to Australia to spend some time alone.

He was seen yesterday on Cannes film festival along with his family and friends. The actor weight loss has raised concern on his health. Tom Hanks is one of the legendary actors of our time. Hope he recovers and comes stronger.

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