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How much salt present in mustard? How much salt present in dijon mustard?

Mustard is condiment plant cultivated across Asia. Mustard has a history of more than 5000 years. Mustard is mainly used as a condiment and are side dish for your food. Mustard oil is also used to for cooking and mustard green is full of protein and antioxidants. In this post let us see how much salt is in mustard and how much salt you can take in a day. What is mustard? Mustard is a plant that is used for condiment. Mustard scientifically called as Simapis Alba. Mustard mainly cultivated across Asia and Africa. There are different types of mustard based on their usages. White mustard, black mustard and Oriental mustard are common types. Some mustards are grown without seeds and used mainly for cooking. Mustard is also alternative to diesel. Infact diesel made from mustards shows more efficiency. Mustard is genetically related to cabbage, turnips and wasabi. Mustards taste sweet and bitter. It is a natural sauce. Benefits of mustard. Mustard is rich in antioxidants. Mustard also contai