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What are ozempic side effects? Ozempic weight loss injection review? Ozempic and hair loss?

Happy news for the type 2 diabetes patients. FDA had now recently approved important medicine for type 2 diabetes patient. Ozempic or Semaglutide is the medicine in injection form that will be so helpful in controlling your sugar level as well as helps you to lose weight. The clinically proved drug now got FDA approval. The good news is you can take only once per week with a small injection. What is ozempic injection? Ozempic is a peptide-1 or GLP -1 injection that activates GLP-1 receptor that promotes the insulin production in the body. You only takes only once per week. The approved amount is 0.25 mg for a week. So total of four injections per month. You may increase to 0.5 mg but not more than 1 mg. Who can take ozempic weight loss injection? Anyone can take ozempic injection but it is not advisable for pregnant women, heart patients, cancer patients or anyone with medical complications. Since the medicine is recently got approved, needs more study and need to gather more public o

Covid and unexplained weight loss. How to cure from unexplained weight loss.

Covid-19 had created scar on our human race. Every one of us from our family suffered from the deadly infection. The recent finding in corona virus is a few percentage of people had shown significant weight loss after getting cured from corona virus. In this article let see about the research conducted on regarding weight loss on covid patients especially the seniors who are above 60. How to cure if you had lost some weight and when to see the doctor. Weight loss symptoms after covid? Covid 19 had shook the entire planet. Such a fast spreading disease threatening the elders on our home with a death rate of more than three millions. Though we have successfully found the cure and vaccinated almost all. Still the disease needs to be addressed seriously. Covid 19 starts with small infections on your throat with heavy fever and cold. If you have any of this symptoms you have to go to the local hospital and should get tested. There is no worries. The disease we have fully brought under contr