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Nia Jax weight loss story. What happened to Nia Jax?

Nia Jax weight loss story

Nia Jax is losing weight and the wresting star looks stunning in her new look. Nia was not seen for a while and her fans can't recognize her in the new instagram post. Nia Jax lost almost twenty pounds by going through rigorous training and exercise. Nia Jax growth chart is stunning, how a introvert student from Hawaii made her way to WWE and became one of the highest paid female wrestler. Nia Jax talk about her weight loss and her retirement from WWE.

Who is Nia Jax?

Nia Jax is a Australian born American wrestler from Hawaii. She is the cousin of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Nia Jax is inspirational woman who won Raw championship and Tag team championship. Nia Jax did her school and college degree from California. At the beginning of her career Nia Jax was doing plus size modelling and different low paying jobs. Nia Jax has naturally well built physique. Nia Jax is standing six feet tall and weighing more than 270 pounds. Nia Jax later got inspiration from her cousin the Rock who was already popular figure in the wrestling industry. 

Nia Jax career in wrestling.

Nia Jax told her plan to her parents who were little shocked by her daughter's decision to join WWE. Nia Jax took few years to completely prepare for the game. She joined the WWE at 2014 and got her first fight on may 2015 where she was defeated by Bayley and Carmella. That was her first match and it was a great learning experience for her. On october same year Nia Jax defeated Evie marking her first victory in wrestling. Nia Jax was shown as the dominant personality in wrestling. Nia defeated long time champion Carmella and slowly became dominant figure in female wrestling. Nia then promoted to RAW where she defeated Alexa Bliss who insulted her on stage and won RAW championship title.

Nia Jax on weight loss.

Nia Jax was growing with inferiority complex over her body weight. Nia Jax shared how she was body shamed both in schools and in the ring. She took that as challenge. She often hang between her weight loss goals. Her NXT staffs advised her, it was her physique and height giving her advantage in every match and asked Nia to stop considering to lose weight. Still she managed to lose some weight to keep her fit. Nia Jax was completely released from WWE contract after last match where Baszler broke her arm.

Nia is now taking rest and reinventing herself and weight loss is major part. She shared a post weight loss picture and quoting, "Posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit is very hard for me. I have never been one to show off too much skin, and it's not just because I'm a larger woman. After this amazing wrestle mania weekend I had a chance to speak to a bunch of young women & men. Most, if not all of them, mentioned that my body positive mindset had helped them to be able to find confidence within themselves, which really touched me and even brought me to tears numerous times. Thankfully I have always had a family that has supported me and has always reminded me that my beauty comes from within, especially my mother. She constantly reminded me that "no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you're insides are ugly, that will be what everyone sees & feels."

Don't get me wrong, there have been many occasions where I wished I could be thinner or have a different nose or hairline to fit in, but I realized that fitting in is not always as important as it seems; I realized that I love standing out in positive ways!

I love sending a message of self-confidence and getting to share that with people. Self-confidence also goes along with being healthy! I work out all the time, I eat healthy & try (emphasis on TRY) to get as much sleep as I can. There are obviously times where I love to pig out and enjoy myself, but I always make sure to never lose my focus on being healthy, because no matter what, your health is the number one most important thing in life. We aren't meant to look the same, but we are all meant to be healthy. We are all beautiful in different ways. Staying healthy adds to beauty. Even more importantly, it will increase your self-confidence. That's been my experience at least . You are such a beautiful lady, it doesn't matter what you dress, your hair, if you have makeup or not... You always be an absolutely beauty.

Nia Jax weight loss diet.

Nia Jax is now regularly sharing her weight loss story on Instagram. Since she is relieved from WWE, she have more time for her personal life. She is focusing on her family and weight loss. This time Nia Jax want to focus on her weight loss which is bothering her for a very long time. Nia Jax stopped using excess carbohydrates and fats and started to take more proteins. Her daily meals includes bread, eggs, beef and chicken breast. She workout real hard. You can always see her in gym working out for more than two hours. She also spends quality time with her family members.

Nia Jax weight loss change is a good example for all the people who want to lose weight. Nia Jax follows flexitarian diet. Her meals contains high vegetables and low meats. Nia Jax is also doing intense exercises to lose weight.

FAQ on Nia Jax.

Who is Nia Jax father?

Joseph Fanene.

Who is Nia Jax husband?

No. Nia Jax is not married and she is single.

What is Nia Jax weight?

270 pounds.

What is Nia Jax net worth?

500,000$ through her WWE contracts.

Nia Jax also earning through sponsoring and participating in different programs.

What is Nia Jax original name?

Savelina Fanene.

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