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Top famous vegan athletes in the world. What do vegan athletes eat?

Top vegan athletes.

More people are turning to veganism. The very benefits of veganism is it will protect you from diabetes and blood pressure. In the past five years many sportsman from boxing, car racing, football have announced themselves as vegan. Many people have raised their concern over proteins present on the plants and vegetables. Now the vegan diet have proved that it has equal amount of protein then that of meat diet. Broccoli and soybeans have equal amount of protein then chicken breast. Let us see the top famous vegan athletes in the world and also let us see what vegan athletes eat?

Who are vegan athletes?

Vegan athletes are the people who eat only plants and vegetables for their workout. Vegan athletes diet plan contains legumes, beetroot, carrot and vegan milk. Vegan athletes may also take supplements to meet their nutrient demands. It is very unlikely because vegan diet already have enough minerals and nutrients. Vegan athletes take a lot of broccoli and legumes to meet their protein demands. They also take soy milk after workout.

What do vegan athletes eat?

Let us see the top vegetables and fruits vegan athletes eat. Vegans are very conscious of their health. Vegan athletes usually eat organic vegetables and fruits. They usually don't buy vegetables from local store instead they get their vegetables and fruits from organic stores. Let us see the diet plan of vegan athletes.

a. Vegan athletes eat a lot of brown rice. Brown rice contains a lot of fibres that will improve your metabolism. Having improved metabolism means weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Brown rice will also improve your overall heart health. For the athletes who are doing running and other cardiac exercise brown rice is very useful for them.

b. Vegan athletes eat wheat bread. Wheat bread with no gluten. Wheat bread contains low carbs and a lot of fibres and proteins. Fibres in the wheat bread will improve your metabolism and proteins present on the bread will improve bodybuilding. Wheat also contains selenium, manganese and copper for your body function.

c. Vegan athletes drink a lot of fruit juice especially lemon and oranges. Lemon and orange contain a lot of antioxidants, fibers and minerals which are essential for your body. Drinking lemon juice regularly will detoxify your body and improve your overall health.

d. Vegan athletes also take a lot of nuts and raisins. Nuts like walnuts and almonds. Nuts will improve the good cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol in the body fight the plague in the heart arteries. Nuts also have good amount of protein which are important for bodybuilding.

Top famous vegan athletes in the world?

1. Venus Williams

Venus Williams is the number one tennis player from the United States. She is regarded as the greatest tennis star in the the American history. Venus Williams achieved five Wimbledon Championships and two US Open. Venus Williams also got Olympic medal in 2000. Venus Williams was suffering from Sjogren's syndrome - auto immune disease which will cause fatigue and Mood impulse. Her doctor suggested vegan diet is the only way to suppress the autoimmune disease. Venus Williams was Vegan for more than 10 years and she is one of the top tennis star in the the US history.

2. Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton is a British car racer. Lewis Hamilton have won seven World drivers Championship titles. He is considered as a legends in car racing. He won Canadian Grand prix, Russian Grand prix and American Grand prix. Lewis Hamilton urged his fans to go vegan for the sake of animals. He said he will raise his voice against exploitation of animals for leather. Lewis Hamilton also want his thirty million fans to go vegan and he explained the benefits of veganism.

3. Scott Jurek 

Scott Jurek is ultramarathoner from the United States. Scott jurek was from Minnesota and own several awards including hardrock hundred, badwater ultramarathon and spartathlon. Scott jurek was vegan for more than two decades. He strongly believed in veganism to improve his body composition and mental health. Scott jurek want his fans to be vegan and to be mentally strong.

4. Patrik Baboumian

Patrick Baboumian is Iranian born German strongman and bodybuilder. Patrick Baboumian was vegan from 2005. Patrick Baboumian is also a member of PETA and other vegan organisations. Patrick Baboumian ask his fans to be vegan and have a good health. One of the very benefits of being vegan is that you can be free from diabetes and blood pressure.

5. Tia Blanco.

Tia blanco is a Filipino born American surfer and influencer. She won the Surfing Association and World surfing Championship. Tia blanco veganism came from influence of her mother. From the very young age Tia Blanco's mother made her to be a vegan. Now Tia Blanco is one of the top fifty surfers in the world. Tia Blanco advises her fans about the importance of being a vegan and how it will improve your mental health.

6. Meagan Duhamel

Meagan Duhamel is a Canadian pair skater with partner Eric Radford. Meagan Duhamel got silver in 2014 Olympics and gold in 2018 Olympics. She said it was easy to be vegan than quitting diet coke. Meagan Duhamel said she is proud of leaving lesser carbon footprints. She shares her favorite vegan meals on her Instagram page.

7. David Haye

David Haye is a british boxer who was active from 2002 and 2018. He have two world championship award World. David Haye was the first British boxer to participate in Amateur Boxing Championship. He won the silver medal in 2001. David Haye is one of the inspirational vegan boxer. He achieved all those muscles through beans and chickpeas.

8. Alexandra Morgan

alexandra Morgan is a American soccer player. Alexandra Morgan guided the Orlando Pride and United States Soccer team from 2018 to 2020. She scored match winning goal against Canada in London Olympics. Californian star advices her followers to go vegan. Alexandra Morgan shares her vegan diet and workout to her fans.

9. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is an American basketball player who play for Brooklyn Nets. He was selected as the Rookie of the year after being selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011. Kyrie Irving won NBA championship with the Cavaliers in 2016. Kyrie says he feels great after turning to vegan and able to focus more on my games.

10. Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter is an American snowboarding and Olympic champion. Hannah Teter won the gold medal in halfpipe at the 2006 winter Olympic games in Italy and silver at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Canada.

She became vegetarian after watching the movie Earthlings. Veganism made her to rethink of her life.

Do vegan athletes take supplements?

It is very rarely that vegan athletes will take supplements. In those days there was a myth that veganism won't give you enough Minerals and nutrients. Now it is scientifically proved beans and legumes will give you the same amount of protein that of beef and chicken breast. You can get everything from protein vitamins and minerals from vegetables. Even the fats you could get from vegetable oil like coconut oil and olive oil. Veganism will bring you serenity and focus on your sports.

Benefits of vegan athletes?

The main benefits of veganism is it will maintain low glycemic index. Being a vegan means you will have low cholesterol level on your body. Veganism will help you in controlling sugar and cholesterol level in the body. Secondly veganism will help you in concentrating on your work especially if you are a sportsman. Veganism will keep your stomach healthy and clean. The more green salad you eat, the more clear your mind will be.

These are my top famous vegan athletes in the world. From football, basketball, snowboard and skating. From all the fields,  they are the topers in thier sports. These people have proved that through veganism you can achieve body health and mind health. These vegan athletes also ask their fans to follow veganism and help our nature.

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Where do vegan athletes gets protein?

Vegan athletes gets their protein from legumes, broccoli and spinach. Legumes and broccoli have enough protein which is equal that of chicken breast. Vegans take chickpeas and Beans after their workout which will improve their body muscle.

Are vegan athletes stronger?

Yes. Vegan athletes are stronger from boxing to gymnastic. There are many vegan sportsmen from all the fields. Vegan diet like legumes and broccoli will give you the same amount of protein and iron you get from red meat. David Haye is a famous vegan boxer from England.

Do vegan athletes need protein supplements?

No. Vegans gets their protein from legumes, broccoli and spinach. These vegetables have enough protein compared to meat. Eat a bowl of nuts regularly to meet your protein needs.

Do vegan athletes recover faster?

Vegans recover faster as they eat only vegetables and have less auto immune diseases. They recover fast from injury than the meat eaters. Eating bananas and pears will help you recover faster from injuries.

Do vegan athlets need creatine?

Yes. If you want to build your muscles. Creatine can't be found in plants. You can get creatine by synthetically from sarcosine and cyanamide. So, it's completely vegan.

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