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Gwyneth Paltrow prolon diet. What is prolon fast mimicking diet?

prolon diet plan

The world is changing fast. The new trend in weight loss is prolon diet. Prolon diet is simply high fat and low carb diet that comes in a packet. Prolon diet is a intermediate fasting by eating special recommended foods for five days. The special food that comes in a package with nuts and good fats like olive oil. Prolon diet is very much like keto diet where you consume low carb foods.

Gwyneth Paltrow prolon diet.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the famous Iron Man actress was recently diagnosed with covid-19. The actress was in medication for months. Soon after her recovery from coronavirus. The actress was having problem with metabolism. She said, "I was not losing weight and have problem with my metabolism ". The actress revealed on her recent podcast that she tried all the weight loss methods but nothing seems to be working. Finally the Iron Man star came to know about prolon diet fast mimicking. It is kind of keto diet where you take a lot of fata and low carbs. The actress said she was on prolon diet for more than six months and it was fruitful. She said, she was already seeing visible changes on her body. She takes special diet food packages for five intermediate days and she did that for 6 months and she said I have lost more than 15 kgs through prolon diet.

The actress said , "This year, I’ve been working with my dear friend and functional medicine practitioner @drwillcole and experimenting with the program from his new book, Intuitive Fasting. Will's clear but flexible, the four-week plan combines intuitive eating with intermittent fasting and Ketotarian foods. It's designed to optimize our well-being and set us up to feel our best for all the other weeks to come. This is not a book of dogma. It will not punish you or restrict you. If there’s anything difficult in these pages, it is Will’s request that we are willing to listen to ourselves, to our own bodies, to our intuition. @drwillcole, thank you for guiding me and for helping me feel my best in a long time. I can’t wait for you all to read Intuitive Fasting and experience Will’s magic, too."

What is prolon diet?

Prolon diet was invented by Dr.Valter Longo. He is a Italian biologist and nutritionist. Valter Longo was researching about weight loss and human metabolism for years. In prolon diet a person will be subjected to high fat and low carb foods the high fat food includes nuts, egg and low carb foods like wheat and oats. Prolon diet comes in a package that cost around 250 dollars. You have to strictly follow the diet plan for 5 days and also you have to to eat the healthy foods for at least 3 months or requested time period. Prolon diet is intermediate fasting where you will be eating high fat foods. Your body unable to find car for its calories so automatically your body start burning fats for its energy thus increased level of human metabolism. Prolon fast mimicking diet is already proved and practised by many dietitian all around the world.

Prolon diet plan.

Prolon diet is simply high fat and low carb diet that comes in a packet. Prolon diet is a intermediate fasting by eating special recommended foods for five days. The special food that comes in a package nuts and good facts like eggs. Prolon diet is very much like keto diet where you consume low carb foods.

Prolon diet plan pack typically contains.

a. Nuts

Almonds, pistachio and raisins which is good for your health and they are rich in proteins.

2. Eggs

Prolon diet pack contains eggs. Eggs are good for your health. Eggs have high fats which will added to your body.

3. Olive soup

Olive is rich in mono saturated fats. Mono saturated fats is good for your health. Improves heart health and fights inflammations.

4. Broccoli soup

This is for the vegans who don't want to eat the eggs. Broccoli have the same nutrients that of egg.

5. Chocolates

Chocolates with high cocoa that will keep you young and energetic.

6. The other items includes green teas and protein bars.

Prolon diet review.

Do you want to eat prolon diet packages? I would say no. Because the whole packages will cost around 250 to 300 dollars which is so much for middle class person. Imagine $300 for 5 days meals. You could simply go to a nearby store and buy all those above mentioned things. we could get lot of them in a nearby store rather than buying some costly packages. Are prolon package are effective? Yes they are very effective but the price is too high that you could simply go to the nearby store and buy it.

Prolon diet side effects.

Other than it prices there are many good things about prolon diet. Prolon diet is good for your weight loss and they will improve your metabolism. The common side effects of prolon diet is it weaken your body. Prolon diet work exactly on the ketogenesis process which is instead of burning carbohydrates prolon diet will make your body fats burn leading to improved metabolism. Throughout 5 days you will be following a very less carb diet which will weaken your body and your concentration. This is the only side effects of prolon diet.

Prolon diet does the exact job of losing weight, improving your metabolism and overall health. The only problem is it's price which is very high for a normal person. Prolon diet offers a meal packages filled with nuts and green tea for a period of five days. If you follow their rules and diet plan you will definitely lose weight and will have a improved metabolism.

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