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Maurissa Gunn weight loss story. Bachelor star Maurissa Gunn lost 80 pounds.


maurissa gunn weight loss story.

Maurissa Gunn has lost more than 20 kilos. Maurissa Gunn recently contested in the 24th season of the Bachelor along with Peter Weber. Maurissa Gunn was working at the plastic surgeon office as a assistant and coordinator. Maurissa Gunn is one of the inspiring contestant on the Bachelor show. Maurissa Gunn was good both at academics and sports. Maurissa Gunn reveals her weight loss secret and shares her healthy lifestyle.

Maurisaa gunn weight loss story. 

Maurissa Gunn was born on june 2, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. Maurissa Gunn had a gifted family. From the very young age she was active in sports and academics. From the school days Maurissa Gunn participated in several sports. Maurissa Gunn was very active in running and weight lifting. Maurissa Gunn participated Miss Teen Pageants and was selected as Miss Teen Montana. Maurissa Gunn expressed her fear throughout the pageants selection process. She was having complex over her body weight and height.

Maurissa gunn bachelor.

Bachelor is a American reality show aired on ABC from 2002. The show was hosted by Chris Harrison and produced by ABC. The bachelor show was filmed at Los Angeles, California on Warner Bros studios. Maurissa Gunn was participated on the seventh season. Bachelor show is about the unmarried Men looking for their life partner. The task is to impress the girls. If the bachelors are not impressed with their women. They can eliminate their woman. The bachelor reality show is conducted on exotic resorts and beaches. Bachelors is a dating reality show where you will find your life partner. There is no exact rules. In many occasions bachelors who failed to impress are given a chance to meet their female partner again.

Maurissa gunn weight loss diet. 

From the very young age Maurissa Gunn was active in sports. Maurissa follow a strong vegan diet with high protein. Vegan diet helped her to stay strong and sane. Maurissa was also a fan of yoga that helped her to stay active and calm. Her vegan diet consists of broccoli and carrot. Vegan diet is proved to be healthier and best for the people.

Let us see the benefits of vegan diet.

1. Vegans follows plant based diet which is cruelty free and also good for the environment. The top vegan foods includes plant based milks, oats, wheat breads, nuts, legumes, chia seeds, smoothies, butter and green salads. All are good for your health.

2. More vegan less cardio diseases. The study conducted proves vegans tend to be safe from cardio diseases. Vegans eat and drink less fats than meat eaters naturally protecting them from heart diseases. Even vegans drink plant based milks. However vegans lack required fats because of avoiding diary and animal fats.

3. Broccoli contains the same amount of protein present in chicken breast. 100 gram of chicken breast contains 15 grams of protein. It is same for the broccoli. 100 gram of broccoli contains 15 grams of protein. vegans can enjoy their protein in a safe way. There are many dishes that you can make from broccoli. The common broccoli dish is broccoli soup. Broccoli soup is made by cutting broccoli into pieces and also adding pepper powder and Chillies. This broccoli soup at the evening after your work is really delicious and healthy.

4. The major cause for obesity is taking a lot of red meat. Red meat is the primary cause for obesity and heart diseases. The people who follow vegan diet can be safe from obesity. Vegan diet does not contains high fat so for the people who want to lose weight vegan diet is the best choice. Vegan diet consists high protein and fibre. Vegan diet help you in increasing your metabolism. Chickpeas and beans contains large amount of fibre and protein. Both help you in in weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

5. Vegan can proudly say that he or she didn't hurt any animals. In every year tons of animals are killed in slaughterhouse just for a piece of steak in our plate. We vegans can proudly say that we are not part of this cruelty. Vegans don't drink animal milk instead they drink plant based milk. Vegans don't eat steak instead they eat steak made from vegetables and plants.

Maurissa gunn on weight loss.

Maurissa Gunn is a proud vegan. She achieved her weight loss through proper eating and consistent exercises. Maurissa Gunn is now working as surgeon's assistant. Maurissa want to participate in more reality shows. She is wotking hard to build her own home and live a happy life with her boyfriend. Maurissa Gunn encourage her follwers to be vegan and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

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