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Ex-Warrior Nico Mannion sudden weight loss shock his fans.


Nico mannion weight loss.

Former Golden state Warriors star Nico Mannion was suffering from severe weight loss caused by stomach flu or intestinal infection. The Italian star had recently participated in the Tokyo Olympics. There he drank contaminated water. From then the basketball star was suffering from severe stomach pain and diarrhoea. The young baseball star's picture with heavy weight loss shared on the internet shocking his fans around the world. Nico's health is constantly deteriorates and he looks so thin and unrecognizable.

Nico Mannion sudden weight loss.

Nico Mannion is a American - Italian baseball player. Nico Mannion father is a American and former NBA player Pace Mannion. Pace Mannion's wife is a Italian. Nico Mannion attended high school in Arizona. He was coached by his father as his son shares the same dream. Nico Mannion featured in college sports Illustrated article, "A 15-Year-Old (Sorta-Maybe) Basketball Prodigy. Nico Mannion finally got selected bywas selected Golden State Warriors as 48th pick in the 2020 NBA draft. After his Warriors contract Nico Mannion got the opportunity from Virtus Bologna for the period of two years.

Unluckiness follow Nico Mannion. During his college days he broke his arm and missed important matches. Now Nico Mannion is suffering from stomach flu due to which he may not able to participate for at least two months. Nico's inconsistency and health is the reason why Nico was not able to actively play in the Warriors matches.

Nico Mannion weight loss causes?

Nico Mannion was suffering from severe intestinal infection. Nico participated in the Tokyo Olympics a month before. During the time he drank contaminated water. Nico got the virus and was suffering from stomach pain and diarrhoea for a long time. It is also the reason for his weight loss. Nico Mannion had lost more than 20 kilos. After weeks of medication niko is now slowly recovering. The picture that got viral was taken a week before now Nico is slowly recovering and gaining weight.

What is stomach flu?

Stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis is caused by contaminated water and unhygienic foods. There is no actual cure for stomach flu. The only thing you can take is a vaccination. Stomach flu vaccination is available in United States and Europe. If your body is weak and allergic there is more chance that you will get stomach flu. Stomach flu and diarrhoea look same. Both causes severe pain and loose motion. People suffering from stomach flu will have severe tiredness. Nico Mannion got his stomach flu during his stay in Tokyo Olympics. 

The causes of stomach flu is hygienic foods sometimes also using the clothes of your unhygienic friends, hand shaking and poor living. Stomach flu will cause diarrhoea for 2 days in some severe condition diarrhoea may last for more than 10 days. There is no medicine for stomach flu. That is why Nico Mannion had lost more than 20 kilos. However you can recover slowly from stomach flu by following a healthy lifestyles and drinking plenty of distilled water. Even when you are going outside eat only hygienic foods and drink carbonated water. Children and young adults suffer more from stomach flu as they have weak immunity and often go outside. When you are going outside have the habit of eating hygienic foods and drinking sealed water.

Nico Mannion recovering from weight loss.

Nico Mannion fans expressed their concern over the sudden weight loss and unhealthiness of their upcoming Virtus Bologna star. Nico Mannion was looking very thin and weak. Nico Mannion is now under medication and taking the advice from his doctor. The baseball star is now slowly recovering after the medication. Nico Mannion now gained more than fifteen kilos. He is now finally free from dehydration caused by the viral infection. You can see him in the upcoming Virtus Bologna matches.

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