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is gold winner is good for weight loss?


is gold winner is good for weight loss?

In Asia if you ask people which is the number one brand oil for cooking? Then without hesitation people will say it is gold winner. Gold winner is a famous cooking oil from India. You can see it in every household. The cooking oil is without any doubt will the tastiest foods whether it is dosa or biryani. All made from this gold winner oil. For the recent times there are myths revolving around healthiness of the gold winner oil. whether it is good for your health? is gold winner is good for your weight loss?

How gold winner oil is made? 

Gold winner oil is made from sunflower seeds. Gold winner oil is essentially a sunflower oil. Gold winner company imports tons of sunflower seeds from Russia and Ukraine. They dry the sunflower oil seeds and cold press them. There are two ways gold winner company is making Sunflower oil. The number one step is by refining the sunflower oil seeds and the number two is by cold pressing the Sunflower oil seeds. You will get 11 kg of gold winner Sunflower oil seeds by cold pressing 15kg of sunflower seeds. Gold winner is rich in oleic acid and linolenic acid. Gold winner is also rich in vitamin E. Gold winner oil is odourless and tasteless oil which is the best option for any cooking because the oil does not affect the nature of the food.

Gold winner sunflower oil benefits. 

• Gold winner oil is essentially odourless and tasteless oil so it retains the original taste of the food. Gold winner oil has this special feature that you don't find it on other oil like coconut oil and olive oil.

• Gold winner oil is so rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E helps you in the the healthiness of your skin and hair. Gold winner oil or Sunflower oil have the same amount of Vitamin E that are found in the avocado so eating food with gold winner oil is actually good for your skin and hair.

• Gold winner oil are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants keep you young and healthy by fighting the free radicals. Fee radicals are something that affect your body and breaks down your healthy cells. Gold winner have enough antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep your cells protected.

• Gold winner also rich in oleic acid. Oleic acid is a mono saturated fat. It keeps you healthy and improve your immunity and healing power.

Gold winner sunflower oil disadvantages. 

• Gold winner oil has the only disadvantage like any other oil. Essentially too much of oil is not good for your health whether it is sunflower oil or olive oil you should take to a limited level. There are researches showing that eating foods with plenty of oil will cause chronic heart diseases whether it is a refined or cold pressed oil. Too much of oil is not good for your body as it will cause plague in your heart vessels.

• Gold winner oil we are eating is is refined sunflower oil so during the refining process they will automatically remove the essential nutrients and minerals present in the oil so refined oils lack the minerals and nutrients found in the cold pressed oil. You can use it for cooking but cannot expect any nutrient and mineral content.

Is gold winner is good for weight loss? 

Is gold winner is good for weight loss? The answer is no. Gold winner is a refined Sunflower oil. Sunflower oil have some important minerals and nutrients but sunflower oil will not help you in weight loss. So gold winner will not help you in weight loss. It is just cooking oil with rich Vitamin E and folic acid. There is a no scientific research or theory to prove that gold winner is good for weight loss. Not only gold Winner but also other oils like olive oil and coconut oil will not help you in weight loss. They are just cooking oil with high fats.

You can achieve weight loss through exercise and change in Lifestyle. You need to follow a strong lifestyle change with less carb foods and vegetables. You need to do a lot of exercises and do lot of running to achieve weight loss. Achieving weight loss is a long process and it takes a lot of months sometimes year to achieve.

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FAQ on gold winner. 

Why oil price is high? 

The cooking oil price have shot the due to the corona virus pandemic. India and Asian countries import cooking oil from Malaysia and Russia. Due to import restriction the oil prices have shot up. Soon the prices will come to normal after the pandemic is over.

How gold winner oil is made? 

Gold winner oil is made from the Sunflower oil seeds. There are two ways gold winner oil is made. One is by refining Sunflower oil seeds and the number two is by cold pressing dried Sunflower oil seeds. Cold pressed Sunflower oil seeds is best for your health as the minerals and nutrients is retained in that oil.

Is gold winner oil good for health? 

Yes, gold winner oil is good for your health because gold winner oil is made from sunflower oil seeds. Sunflower oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants, oleic acid and linoleic acid. All are good for your health and improve your metabolism. Gold winner oil is odorless and tasteless oil so it does not affect the odour and taste of the food.

Which oil is best for cooking?

Coconut oil. Without any doubt coconut oil is the best for cooking. Coconut oil improve lauric acid for women. Lauric acid is the very essential for the breast feeding babies. Coconut oil is also rich in minerals and nutrients. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oil available for cooking. You can also make several snack items in the coconut oil.

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