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Gripe water uses and side effects.


gripe water side effects

How many of us remember when we were child we used to drink odorless syrup. When we were child our mothers used to give us gripe syrup for stomach upset and gas troubles. Gripe syrup is made from sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. They are used to cure stomach upset and constipation for babies  because babies will not have fully grown stomach or intestines. There are many rumours revolving around gripe syrup. Let us see the myths revolving around the gripe and the side effects of Gripe syrup.

How gripe syrup is made? 

Gripe water is nothing but combination of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate with natural herbs like ginger, lemon, dill and peppermint. 

• First natural herbs like ginger, lemon, dill and peppermint are dried and mixed well. Then with water boiled in a medium flame. After five minutes of medium flame they are filtered. 

• Then a small amounts of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is added. 

• Very important you should not try making it in your home. Most mothers initially don't make the good mix. So you better buy it from your doctor prescribed gripe syrup.

Gripe water ingredients. 

• Gripe water contains baking soda. Baking soda used to treat heart burns and gas troubles. Baking soda also cleans your body externally. It's a good cure for treating bad body odour and kills bad bacterias.

• Gripe syrup also have ginger. Ginger is known for improving digestion and constipation. Ginger improves overall blood circulation and improve heart health.

• Dill leaves are rich in antioxidants. Dill leaves also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Dill improves metabolism of the body.

• Gripe water contains lemon. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C reduce weight loss. Lemon juice improves metabolism rate of the body.

Gripe water for babies.

Gripe water is most suitable for the babies. Babies have a very small and undeveloped stomach. So gripe water improves the stomach function. The main function of the gripe water is it improves the digestion and relieve gas problems. For once it is better to ask the doctor for advice. Most probably gripe water is taken thrice a day. If the baby is feeling unwell and having tummy troubles gripe water is given. If the baby is still not feeling well after gripe water, it is better to see the doctor.

Gripe water dosage. 

For grown adults gripe water can be taken four times a day. Gripe water is too good for adults. You can take after your meal. Gripe water can be taken for gas and constipation. You can take the gripe water for four days maximum. If the problems still persists you can see the doctor.

Gripe water side effects.

Since gripe water is made from the natural ingredients there is no side effects for most of the people. But there are few cases gripe water is allergic to the people. 

• The major content in gripe water is sodium bicarbonate. It is good for your body. For some people it will cause allergic reactions. There are other natural gripe water without baking soda. You can try that.

• There are some people who tries and make homemade gripe water. Absolutely not recommended. We are not the doctors. Especially we should not risk our child health. So you must not go for homemade gripe water.

• Our child's health is important to us. So change the gripe water often. Change gripe water at least in a month. Don't give old or expired gripe water to your child. Also buy the branded gripe waters for your baby.

Gripe water is itself naturally made. It's absolutely good for your babies. It is one of the naturally made remedies for your baby. If the problem continues you should see the doctor.

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