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Diet for stool. Top ten foods for soft stool.


foods for soft stool.

Everyone at one point in their life feel the pain of hard stool. You will see the pool of blood during motion. If untreated you will be suffering anemia and even lead to serious blood loss. Everyone in their adult stage have this experience. If untreated it may lead to colon cancer. In this article let us see the causes of hard stool. What are the causes of hard stool? Diet for soft stool? Top ten foods for soft stool?

Reason for stool. 

The common reason for hard stool is poor bowel movement, diverticular disease, intestinal obstructions, or hypothyroidism. During any medication if you take aluminum, iron and copper tablets, they will give hard stool. They will go once you are done with the medication. 

• Hard stool will also happen if you didn't drink water regularly. Average person have to drink at least three litres of water. Many people don't drink enough water due to their work. Also the excess heat will also cause blood in stool.

• Lack of fibers will also cause blood in the stool. You have to make it as a habit to eat at least one fiber rich fruit after the meal. You can eat banana or apple. Also it is necessary to eat spinach regularly. 

• Lack of exercises and poor bowel movements will also cause hard stool. As most of the people work in office, it is very rare for physical activities. So spend at least one hour dedicated to exercise. You should also do yoga regularly for improved bowel movement.

Diet for soft stool.

The very reason for hard stool is a lack of sleep, lack of exercises and lack of fibre foods. As we are living in a hectic lifestyle. It is very rare to see people sleeping 8 hours and also people have improper sleep cycle.  Like going to the bed at 12 PM and waking up at 5 AM. So have a good and proper sleep. Try to go to bed at very early. 

Do a lot of exercises and yoga. There are many yogas for bowel health that you can download as ebook. Try to walk at least one hour in the morning. If you can't find a good place to walk. You can even try the staircase . You need to do a lot of physical exercises on your legs. The leg exercises will improve your bowel movement also avoid junk foods. Junk foods are the very reason for hard stool. People nowadays don't have time for home cooking. Try home cooking. Nothing tastier than a bowl of rice and spinach.

Top ten foods for soft stool. 

I have compiled the list of foods for your hard stool. The very important thing is you need to make a serious lifestyle changes. Eat only homemade foods. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. If problems persist then see a doctor.

1. Apple.

An average sized apple contain 6 grams of fibre. The soluble fibre in apple is called pectin. Eating three apples daily will improve bowel movement and soft tool. Pectin plays an important role in healing colon region.

2. Water.

The more water you drink, The more bowel movements you will have. Drinking more water will improve movement of stool in the the large intestine. So drinking water will improve light constipation in the the intestine. Drinking water will also remove the impurities which are sticking on the walls of the intestine.

3. Yogurt. 

Eating yogurt regularly will improve the bowel movements in the body. Yogurt contains probiotics. Probiotics are simply good bacterias that will help you in the the gut diet and keeping the stomach healthy. So eating a bowl of yogurt regularly will improve your bowel movement.

4. Spinach.

Spinach have lot of fibres. 200 grams of spinach have an average of 8 grams of fibres. Fibres help you in increasing the bowel movement. Spinach also cleans the intestine. Spinach are also rich in antioxidants to keep our body in healthy condition.

5. Pumpkin. 

Pumpkin is an excellent source of fibre. 200 grams of pumpkin contain 2 grams of fibres. Pumpkin is also very rich in antioxidant, vitamin A and iron. Eating cooked pumpkin regularly will improve your over all health. Pumpkin will improve the stool weight which will lead to improved bowel movement.

6. Wheat.

Wheat is a very good source for fibre. Instead of rice during hard stool you can eat wheat products. Especially wheat breads. During hard stool you can eat wheat bread with a glass of milk. Wheat contains insoluble fibre. So it will improve the gut health.

7. Avocado. 

An average sized 150 gram avocado contains 6 grams of fibers. Avocado is also rich in iron, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Eating avocado daily will improve your motion process. You can also make recipes or add to your favourite dishes. Avocado is also good for your heart.

8. Chickpeas. 

If you are looking for the cheapest source of fibre then chickpeas is the answer. 100 grams of chickpeas contains 9 grams fibre. Chickpeas are easily available in the nearest store. Chickpeas is also rich in protein, iron and magnesium. All are very vital for your health. Especially brown chickpeas. It is very important for your gut health.

9. Milk.

Milk is another excellent food for bowel movement. Milk contains lactic acid which will produce the good microbes or probiotics. Drinking milk regularly after dinner is good for your gut.

10. Beans.

Beans is another source of cheap fibres. Beans is easily available in the market and in nearby store. Eating beans regularly will improve your overall gut health. You can also make excellent dishes from the bean seeds. Beans is also rich in protein, zinc and iron. All are very important in fighting colon cancer

As above mentioned lifestyle changes is very important for a good bowel movement. For the people who are having high bleeding during the bowel movement should consult a doctor. Bowel movement can cause serious blood loss and anaemia. So if you are having bleeding during pooping for two weeks. You need to see the doctor immediately. These are my top ten foods for soft stool. My list contains cheap fibre rich foods you can buy from your local store. Eat fibre rich food after the meal. Do a lot of exercises and yoga.

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FAQ on stool. 

How stool becomes hard? 

The common reason for hard stool is lack of water, bowel movement, thyroid and colon cancer. The most common reason is poor bowel movement that happens due to lack of physical activities.

Can stool sample detect cancer? 

Yes. Stool sample can detect cancer. The doctor will check your stool sample that you have submitted and screen them for any cancer cells. The doctor will find it through the stool screening.

Why stool is black?

Black stools are normal if you have eaten chocolate cakes or black coloured foods but if you are continuously having black stool for a week there may be a injury or bleeding in the gastrointestinal track which is very serious and you need to see the doctor immediately. 

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