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Diet for stool. Top ten foods for soft stool.

  Everyone at one point in their life feel the pain of hard stool. You will see the pool of blood during motion. If untreated you will be suffering anemia and even lead to serious blood loss. Everyone in their adult stage have this experience. If untreated it may lead to colon cancer. In this article let us see the causes of hard stool. What are the causes of hard stool? Diet for soft stool? Top ten foods for soft stool? Reason for stool.  The common reason for hard stool is poor bowel movement, diverticular disease, intestinal obstructions, or hypothyroidism . During any medication if you take aluminum, iron and copper tablets, they will give hard stool. They will go once you are done with the medication.  • Hard stool will also happen if you didn't drink water regularly. Average person have to drink at least three litres of water. Many people don't drink enough water due to their work. Also the excess heat will also cause blood in stool. • Lack of fibers will also cause blood

Gripe water uses and side effects.

  How many of us remember when we were child we used to drink odorless syrup. When we were child our mothers used to give us gripe syrup for stomach upset and gas troubles. Gripe syrup is made from sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. They are used to cure stomach upset and constipation for babies  because babies will not have fully grown stomach or intestines. There are many rumours revolving around gripe syrup. Let us see the myths revolving around the gripe and the side effects of Gripe syrup. How gripe syrup is made?  Gripe water is nothing but combination of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate with natural herbs like ginger, lemon, dill and peppermint.  • First natural herbs like ginger, lemon, dill and peppermint are dried and mixed well. Then with water boiled in a medium flame. After five minutes of medium flame they are filtered.  • Then a small amounts of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is added.  • Very important you should not try making it in your home. Most mothers initiall

is gold winner is good for weight loss?

  In Asia if you ask people which is the number one brand oil for cooking? Then without hesitation people will say it is gold winner. Gold winner is a famous cooking oil from India. You can see it in every household. The cooking oil is without any doubt will the tastiest foods whether it is dosa or biryani. All made from this gold winner oil. For the recent times there are myths revolving around healthiness of the gold winner oil. whether it is good for your health? is gold winner is good for your weight loss? How gold winner oil is made?  Gold winner oil is made from sunflower seeds. Gold winner oil is essentially a sunflower oil. Gold winner company imports tons of sunflower seeds from Russia and Ukraine. They dry the sunflower oil seeds and cold press them. There are two ways gold winner company is making Sunflower oil. The number one step is by refining the sunflower oil seeds and the number two is by cold pressing the Sunflower oil seeds. You will get 11 kg of gold winner Sunflowe

Traci Braxton weight loss story. Is Traci Braxton going through medication?

  Traci Braxton was attending the wedding of her son Kevin Surrat Junior on july 4 this year. The WE tv star shocked her fans with her thin look. She has transformed from being chubby women to seriously ill person. The "Braxton Family Values" star almost look unrecognizable in her new look. What happened to our favourite singer or is she going through any medication. Let's see about Traci Braxton weight loss story. Also about Traci Braxton's relationship with her husband Kevin Surrat. Traci Braxton weight loss story.  Traci Braxton was born on April 2, 1971 on Severn, Maryland. Her father Michael Conrad Braxton was a power company worker and her mother Evelyn Jackson was a cosmetologist and singer. Traci Braxton has four sisters and one elder brother. Her elder brother name is Michael jr and she has four sisters Toni, Trina, Towanda and Tamar. All working in the television industry. In 1990 the Braxton sisters got the opportunity from Arista Records. The sisters con

Newt Gingrich weight loss story. How Newt Gingrich lost forty pounds in his 70s?

  Weight loss is not such a big deal for adults but when you are nearing your 80s and have lost more than thirty pounds and still wants to lose ten more pounds is really hard one. Here we discuss the weight loss story of former US speaker and veteran American politician Newt Gingrich. Everyone is shocked by the new look of the republican and how even lost so much weight and still one of the active politician in the current American politics. Let's see how our veteran Newt Gingrich lost 30 pounds? Newt Gingrich weight loss. Newt Gingrich was born on june 17, 1943 to Kathleen and Newton Searles McPherson. Gingrich mother was 17 and father was 19 when he was born. Soon their relationship ended. Gingrich mother then married to a war veteran Robert Gingrich who served in Korean and Vietnam war. Due to his position Gingrich family have to move to different places. From England, France and Germany. Due to which Newt Gingrich doesn't have a proper friends and school life. In 1961 Ging