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How to cancel planet fitness membership? Advantages and disadvantages of planet fitness.


How to cancel planet fitness membership?

As the pandemic is ending more and more people are hitting the gyms. In recent times planet fitness had attracted more Americans towards their gyms. Planet fitness offers a cheap monthly plan to access gym equipments and free weight loss advice. In recent times many have raised their concern regarding planet fitness. In this article let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the planet fitness. Also let us see in details how to cancel your planet fitness membership and learn what are the procedures to cancel your planet Fitness membership?

What is planet fitness? 

Planet fitness is an American gym chain founded by Michael and Marc Grondahl. Michael and Marc Grondahl acquired a struggling Gold's Gym at 1992. Marc and Michael found that there is no proper and affordable gym in America. It was people willing to join in the gym and couldn't afford it. Marc and Michael wanted to use this opportunity. They have invested more than One million from different investors and started their first gym at Florida. The name planet fitness is inspired from Michael's daughter school program.

After more than two decades of struggle planet fitness was able to expand more than 2000 chains across America. Planet fitness was able to attract many young Americans due to their affordable price and variety of equipments.

Advantages of planet fitness. 

• Planet fitness does have a lot of competition but still able to survive more than twenty years with it's services. The monthly plan is 10$ and you will be able to access cardio and weight lifting equipments.

• Planet fitness offers free advice from nutritionist, health experts and body builders. Whether you want to do body building or you want to improve your cardio. You have the best experts from planet fitness.

• Planet fitness support crowd motivation. It offers no judgment zone where you will not be given any goals or deadlines. Simply you are given the opportunity to meet the same type of people who want to lose weight. So that everybody can discuss about their weight problems and find friendship. This no judgement zone offers self realization and inspires you to achieve more.

• Planet fitness values your money. The gym offers tvs and games. The big flat screen tv helps you to work more and doesn't give you any tiredness. Planet fitness also offers a big size pizza to motivate their gym members. Imagine you pay a 10$ and able to access all these costly equipments and pizza. Planet fitness is worth your money.


Disadvantages of planet fitness. 

• Planet fitness offers one of the cheapest monthly fees that is the reason it also attracts huge number of people to the gym and makes it crowded. You could literally see people waiting for treadmill and it really demotivates you.

• The recent study finds that most of the paid members don't show up for the gym. That's because they are lazy and lack of consistency in their work. Again like a chain it demotivates others also.

• There are complaints about planet fitness that it gives preference to experienced and influential people. So access to different equipments is literally given to special and influential people and not the newbies.

• Grunting and destroying weight equipments. Planet fitness offers one of the cheapest price but still people without responsibility destroy and sometimes steal the equipments.

Planet fitness membership. 

Planet fitness offers two plans. One is 10$ and other is 20.99$. 10$ is the normal subscription with access to all the cardio and weight equipments. 20.99$ is simply access to Black card which is you can bring one more person with you per day. That person will get the same access and opportunity like you.

How to cancel planet fitness membership?

Planet fitness is still one of the cheapest ways to access gym equipments. If you still want to cancel your membership, you need to have a proper reason like,

• Want to quit planet fitness.

• Moving out of town.

• Injury. 

• Death.

If you want to quit planet fitness you can simply go to your planet fitness chain and write a proper letter and sign their documents. The reason may be anything like work tension, family issue or preparing for exams. You should submit it before tenth of every month.

• If you are moving out of town planet fitness offers transfer of membership with your newly located gym. As we knew planet fitness have more than two thousands chains across America you can easily switch to their new chains.

• If you have any injury and if you believe it will take six months to recover. You can simply mail planet fitness along with the letter from your personal doctor or hospital. You can just attach the pdf. It will take two weeks for planet fitness to take action.

• For death, as a relative you can quit your planet fitness membership by submitting death certificate of the person.

For all the above procedures you should contact planet fitness by mail and you will get your membership cancelled within month. You will also have to pay around fifty dollars or six months of fees to close your planet fitness membership. Email is the best way to contact them and get the job done.

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FAQ on planet fitness. 

Planet fitness monthly fees? 

Planet fitness has two monthly plans. The basic 10$ plan is the normal membership plan with the access to all the equipments. The other one is 20.99 plan or black card membership where you can take one of your friend with you and your friend can access the same features like you.

How much is planet fitness black card? 

Planet fitness black card membership is 20.99$ where you can take your friend along with you and your friend can enjoy all the features like you.

Who is the planet fitness owner? 

Chris Rondeau is the CEO of planet fitness.

What is planet fitness no judgement rules? 

Planet fitness no judgement rules is to encourage the beginners to enjoy the gym and motivates them without any deadlines. It is for the beginners not to compare them with anyone. 

What is planet fitness no lunk policy? 

Lunk alarm is the big sound when anyone of the members grunting or destroying the gym equipment. The lunk alarm sound is to warn the members to obey the rules or will be expelled. Still planet fitness is using the lunk alarm.

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