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How to cancel planet fitness membership? Advantages and disadvantages of planet fitness.

  As the pandemic is ending more and more people are hitting the gyms. In recent times planet fitness had attracted more Americans towards their gyms. Planet fitness offers a cheap monthly plan to access gym equipments and free weight loss advice. In recent times many have raised their concern regarding planet fitness. In this article let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the planet fitness. Also let us see in details how to cancel your planet fitness membership and learn what are the procedures to cancel your planet Fitness membership? What is planet fitness?  Planet fitness is an American gym chain founded by Michael and Marc Grondahl. Michael and Marc Grondahl acquired a struggling Gold's Gym at 1992. Marc and Michael found that there is no proper and affordable gym in America. It was people willing to join in the gym and couldn't afford it. Marc and Michael wanted to use this opportunity. They have invested more than One million from different investors and started

Can i have beet and apple salad at night for weight loss?

  As we are nearing summer. Many people are looking at different smoothies for their needs. Everyone loves rich smoothies filled with ice and natural sugars. For the fitness people, the new question has arrived. Can we eat beetroot and apple salad together. Do they cause any side effects? or are they rich in essential nutrients? Can we eat beetroot and apple salad at night? Lets see the benefits of beetroot and apple salad. Can we eat both at night? Beetroot benefits.  • Beetroots are rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, folate and antioxidants. Beetroot is also rich in fibers. Beetroot is one of the cheaply available vegetable with high nutrients and minerals.  • Beetroot is rich in fibers. Fibers are responsible for the good metabolism and healthy bowel movement. You can make a smoothies without adding sugar and drink in the every morning. • Beetroots are rich in magnesium and potassium. Both helps you in maintaining systolic and diastolic pressure. They make you the

What is bahamian diet plan? Bahamian diet ingredients.

  More people are moving towards vegan diet. Last few posts we have discussed about mediterranean diet, in this post we are going to talk about famous bahamian diet. What is bahamian diet? Who is Dick Gregory and what is his contribution in bahamian diet? What are the ingredients added to it? What is bahamian diet plan? Bahamian diet is famous diet plan introduced by Dick Gregory. Dick Gregory made his own nutritional powder from all the top vegetables and fruits. Bahamian diet contains all the top vegetable and fruits that are rich in minerals and nutrients. The famous ingredients in bahamian diets are soy, milk powder, beans, nuts and dried fruits. Bahamian diet contains less calories but rich in all the essential nutrients and minerals. Who is Dick Gregory?  Dick Gregory was born in the United States in 1932. Dick Gregory was a famous comedian, author and American Civil rights activist. During his school days Dick Gregory showed importance for sports and physical activities. During

Jorge Garcia weight loss journey. How did Jorge Garcia lose weight?

  Jorge Garcia was not seen for more than two years. Also due to the pandemic we are not able to see our favourite star. The actor was recently spotted in Nebraska with his wife Rebecca Birdsall and surprised everyone with the new look. Jorge Garcia had lost almost 100 pounds by rigorous exercises and diet. So what happened to Jorje Garcia and what made him to take that action to lose weight? Jorge Garcia also clears the rumors around the weight loss surgery. Jorge Garcia weight loss journey.  Jorge Garcia was born in april 28, 1973 in Nebraska. Jorge Garcia's mother is a cuban born professor and father is a Chilean born doctor. From the very young age he wanted to be a sportsman. Jorge was involved more in sports than academics. He had this child face with opposite characteristics.  Only in high school Jorge Garcia realised what to do in his life. He started to became more matured and he had his passion for acting. After his college, Jorge Garcia started to work in the "Borde

Metformin side effects. What is metformin used for?

  People take metformin for diabetes and weight gain. Metformin is prescribed to the people who are suffering severe weight gain and have failed all the weight loss ideas. It is the Last prescribed drug by the physician to cure weight loss. Recently many people have raised concern over metformin and it's side effects. Let's see the the myths revolving around metformin. What is metformin?  Metformin is discovered by the french physician Jean Sterne. He accidentally found the medicine in 1922 and found it's efficiency in curing diabetes. After so much of research and development, metformin is approved for medicine. Metformin is used for curing type 2 diabetes. It is prescribed for the people who are beyond cure. As a last try before weight loss surgery. Metformin is very effective in curing weight loss. Metformin also improves heart health and improved kidney function. Most people get cured by metformin alone only the rarest people go for surgery. How does metformin work? Me

For weight loss what to eat? The top 15 foods for healthy weight loss.

  You want to lose weight. You are so determinant and doing all the necessary things. You are eating all the good foods and doing plenty of exercises. So if you want to know, for weight loss what to eat? Here is my list of top 20 foods to weight loss. I have compiled the list of top fruits, vegetables and foods for weight loss. Also don't forget you have to fo plenty of exercises. The top 15 foods for weight loss.  I have compiled the list based on my experience and reading on weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I have made the list of fruits, vegetables and foods. List contains 15 items. I have made the list based on nutrients and minerals content. 1. Apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is rich in all the nutrients and minerals. Apples are so big with less calories. Apples always keeps your stomach full and it is best for cheat diet. Apple is so rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants keeps you young and healthy. Apple also have high fibres and plays a important role in m

How green tea will help you in weight loss?

  Millennials using green tea to lose weight. After a long exercise, drinking a glass of warm green tea believed to lose weight. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants responsible for keeping you healthy and strong. Does drinking green tea really helps you to lose weight? Do they actually work? How much glass of green tea required to make visible weight loss? How green tea is prepared?  Green tea came from China. Green tea is been used by the Chinese for more than 2000 years. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis. Camellia sinensis is also the source for black tea and green tea. Leaves taken from the Camellia sinensis are gently dried and powdered to make green tea. The process is same for green tea and black tea. The only difference is the oxidation time. From the powdered Camellia Sinensis ginger and dried lemons are added. They also add some natural herbs to make a green tea. The most common green tea type is the packets you buy from the store. You will add a green tea b

What is the side effects of peppermint tea? Pros and cons of peppermint tea.

  Peppermint tea is a amazing dish for all the people. If you are studying hard or working hard. Take a cup of peppermint tea. That aroma and freshness will make you awesome and makes you to work longer. Unfortunately there are rumors around peppermint tea. Especially peppermint tea will cause you gas and uneasiness. What are the truth behind this complaints? Does this amazing peppermint tea cause stomach upset or just a bundle of myths? Let's see the side effects of peppermint tea. What is peppermint tea?  Peppermint tea came out of nowhere as a competitor to coffee and tea. The origin of peppermint is said to be Europe where it came from breeding between water mint and spear mint. The peppermint will give you that aroma and freshness. Even for the people who are suffering from bad mouth peppermint is the amazing natural cure. Natural oil made from peppermint is used to cure headache and gives you relaxation. Peppermint oil is also used for hair growth. In Asia a special chutney

Top amazing foods that will increase metabolism.

  You are looking to boost metabolism and you have tried all the methods. Nothing seems to be working. The very reason is your poor choice of foods. Can you improve your metabolism by taking good foods? Of course, The very reason why you are not having good metabolism is lack of good foods. Let us see the top foods you need to take to improve your metabolism. What is metabolism?  Metabolism is the process in which your body converts the nutrients from food by burning energy. Simply more nutrients you take, the more calories you burn. Through metabolism you get the essential minerals and nutrients to your body. If you take avocado, you get the good metabolism. If you take junk foods, you get bad metabolism or slow metabolism. Metabolism is the process in which our body takes the nutrients, minerals from the food by burning calories. If you eat a bowl of rice your body converts the carbs rich rice into energy. If you take bowl of beans the protein rich beans converted to build body muscl