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What is the purest mustard kasundi? Is druk mustard kasundi gluten free?


I am from southern part of India. We usually have dosas with coconut chutney for our breakfast. Coconut chutney is a delicious recipe for dosa, idli and vada. Other than coconut chutney we have tomato chutney and puthina cutney. When i was talking to my north Indian friends i got to know about this amazing recipe called mustard kasundi. Mustard kasundi is a sauce famous in north India made from mustard, ginger and garlic. Let's see the different kasundi types. What is the purest mustard kasundi? 

What is mustard kasundi? 

Mustard kasundi is simply chutney recipe of north India predominantly in the state of UP and Bengal. It is made from black mustard, yellow mustard, mango slice, chilli, coriander, garlic and fenugreek. Some people add vinegar for the taste.

How to make mustard kasundi? 

Ingredients needed. 

a. One cup black mustard. 

b. One cup yellow mustard.

c. Chopped mango 5 pieces. 

d. 5 green chillies. 

e. 5 garlic pulps. 

f.  One table spoon red chilli powder. 

g. One table spoon coriander powder. 

h. One table spoon fried fenugreek powder. 

i.  Half table spoon turmeric powder.

j.  One table spoon sugar. 

h. Half table spoon salt. 

l.  One table spoon vinegar.


a. Put all the above ingredients in a jar.

b. Add sufficient amount of water. 

c. Mix them well until you get the paste. The mixture should be like a semi liquid and sufficient for all your family members. The above mentioned kasundi can be served for three people.

d. Once done. Heat the pan. Pour some oil. Then put some asafoetida and few pinches of mustard. Wait until you feel the strong smell. Then pour the kasundi mixtures. Mix it well in the medium flame. Your mustard kasundi is now ready.

Mustard kasundi uses.

a. Mustard kasundi is the traditional sauce for rotis, dosas and naan. There are different varieties of kasundi that you can try with different ingredients. 

b. Mustard is rich in protein and fibers. Protein and fibers keeps you young and fights the ageing cells. 

c. Kasundi contains turmeric. Turmeric known for it's healing and fighting cancer cells. Turmeric also known for its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. Turmeric also helps you to fight alzheimer's disease.

d. Mustard kasundi is a hot recipe since it's made from chillies. Chillies fights the plaques in the hearts and controls the bad fats accumulated on the body. In mustard kasundi we usually add five red chillies. These red chillies keeps your heart healthy.

How to order mustard kasundi online? 

You can make mustard kasundi in your home. It's very simple and you can make it in your home from the items you find on the kitchen. You can buy mustard kadundi  online through Amazon and Flipkart. 100 grams of mustard kasundi will cost about 200 rs. You can get it in the huge discounts in festival times.

Why does mustard taste bitter after blending?

Mustard taste bitter when you buy it fresh. You can dry it in the room temperature for two days then you can store it in the glass jar. In india people usually add ginger or tamarind to reduce the bitter taste. The bitter taste of mustard is always negligible as we always use it in the very small quantity.

What is the purest mustard kasundi? 

Purest mustard kasundi is made with mustard, garlic, chilli, coriander, fried fenugreek. They don't add mango in it. Purest mustard is made without mango and just the raw ingredients finally fried in the pan. You can buy them in the local store or buy it online.

Is druk mustard kasundi gluten free?

Yes. Druk mustard kasundi is gluten free. Almost all the mustards are gluten free. Gluten is a common protein that is found on wheat, barley, rye, beer and pastas. Gluten is responsible for celiac disease. Celiac disease is caused by gluten allergy. Gluten triggers autoimmune disease which affect small intestine and will cause serious health problems.

Mustard kasundi is the one dish which you should not miss. Mustard kasundi have almost everything for your body. It has protein, fibers, vitamin c and rich in antioxidants. You can make this delicious sauce from the simple items that you can find it on your kitchen. The purest mustard kasundi is something you make from yellow and black mustard. The purest mustard kasundi is fully homemade and you get the best benefits. You can eat the mustard kasundi without any fear as mustard kasundi don't have any gluten. It's completely healthy for your family.

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