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Andra day weight loss story. Andra day on surgery rumors.


andra day weight loss.

Andra Day's new film "The United States vs Billie Holiday" not only became a commercial success but got her the good name in hollywood for her performance as late legend Billie Holiday. The singer lost almost fifty pounds for her preparation for the movie. Andra Day shares her experience on losing weight and how it had affected her physically and mentally. Also the singer talks about mindset needed to face the critics and how to accept your body fully? Andra Day weight loss contains simple diets with small lifestyle changes.

Andra Day weight loss story.

Andra Day was born in Washington to a typical American middle class family. Andra Day was always wanted to be a singer. She participated in the local methodist church in Chula vista, California. Andra Day had this craze for jazz due to the influence of legends Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington. To manage her financial needs Andra Day worked in the all the odd jobs. She had worked like almost 20 jobs. From being a receptionist, Bar worker and In the mean time she also sang at the local malls across California.

On 2010 she was spotted by Kia Millard who was then the wife of Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder is a famous American singer. Stevie introduced her to Adrian Gurvitz who later helped her to make debut album. It was the time of youtube. Andra Day started her own youtube channel and started to showcase her talent. She made the famous mashups of famous artists. Her famous works includes "Mammas knows the best" "uprising"  and Eminems "Love yourself".

Andra Day's first album "Cheers to the fall" came at 2015. That's her first acclaimed album. She was praised for her writings and performance. Later that year Andra Day released her next album "Rise up" came at 2016. Rise up album is something that is connected emotional to the audience than the traditional glamour beats. The song was a instant hit. Andra Day performed "Rise up" on the grammy awards. The album also topped on the all the audio platforms. Andra Day started her national tour on the same year where she got the opportunity to perform at the white house. Andra Day also got the contract to post her rise up slogan on Macdonald and coca-cola.

Andra Day role as Billie Holiday.

Andra Day started her movie career by starring in "The United States vs Billie Holiday". The movie is about Billie Holiday, the famous American singer who fought for the rights of colored people. The movie also talks about the FBI plot to arrest the singer in fake drug charges. The plot is so deep and shows the racial segregation on 1940s. The movie revolves around the Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" album. The album is about the lynching and racial assault on black people by the US system and police. The album was released at the height of black rights movement. Within few months the FBI arrested Billie and her friends on drug charges. The movie got positive reviews and a box office success.

Andra Day weight loss.

For the movie "The United States vs Billie Holiday" the singer has to lose weight to match the real Billie. Honestly Andra was never been to movie life. She understood the importance. She started to convert to vegans for a while as it is a important part of weight loss. 

a. Andra Day cut of all the soda and sugary foods as they are the main cause of body weight. At the beginning it was difficult but she did that slowly and steadily. 

b. Andra Day cut the meat for a while. She started to to take a lot of salads and fruits.

c. Andra Day started working out on her gym. She started running and started stair walking.

d. Andra does mediation at least for half and hour daily. She felt that serenity amid all the chaos.

It gave the result Andra Day lost 40 pounds. She turned from 162 pounds to 120 pounds. Thanks to all the work she did for the movie.

Andra day on losing weight.

In an interview the singer turned actress told it was really difficult. I am a junk addict and especially in my profession with a lot of tours and practices. It's almost impossible to focus on my health. And also the definition of health is different for different people. Being healthy doesn't mean being skinny. Many people have this wrong view of being skinny as being healthy. I prefer to be healthy not lean and sick. Said the singer. Andra Day said without proper food in the name of diet it's almost impossible to focus on my acting and singing. I feel so tired. Andra Day also denied any rumors regarding losing weight. It's a small role and i am happy to be part of the crew. I didn't do any surgery. All this rumors are nonsense and irrelevant.

Andra Day is fully preparing in this pandemic times. Andra Day is working hard to pursue her further goals in life. She is so determinant. Andra Day weight loss diet is something that gave her confidence in her life. Understood the importance of body health. Andra Day also made sure she doesn't get affected by the external appearance. Andra Day is a confident woman now. 

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