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Alec Baldwin weight loss transformation. How Pete Davidson helped him to lose 100 pounds.


alec baldwin weight loss.

In her new book Hilaria Baldwin, "The living clearly method" explained her long term relationship with Alec Baldwin. The book also reveals Alec Baldwin's long term struggle with sugar and junk foods. Hilaria said, "Alec is at the edge of chronic disease and still the actor is unable to quit sugar. He does not have any alcohol addiction but his only problem is chronic eating and how it's hurting his body". How Pete Davidson and Hilaria Baldwin helped Alec Baldwin quit sugar and lose 100 pounds with a simple trick.

Alec Baldwin weight loss story. 

Alec Baldwin was born in Amityville, New York. The actor has three younger brothers named Daniel, William and Stephen. All three were actors. From his very young age Alec Baldwin wanted to be an actor. He started learning acting from his school times. He and his brothers were always seen rehearsing different plays. he finished his degree at the Bachelor of fine arts in New York University.

Alec Baldwin started his television career at 1982. He acted in "The doctors" "Cutter to Houston" "Dress gay" "Thomas and the magic". The actor made his debut film on in 1987 "Forever, lulu". Later he was recognized for his acting skill in "The Marrying Man" "The Hunt for red october". In his long career he won two golden globe awards, three emmy awards and seven screen actors guild awards. 

Alec Baldwin met his future wife Kim Basinger on the sets of "The marrying man". The couple mutually got divorced. Alec later fell in love with the famous yoga instructor from New York Hilaria Baldwin. They were dating for two years then got married in a simple ceremony on 2012.

Alec Baldwin long struggle with sugar. 

Hilaria met then divorced Alec Baldwin in an event in New York. Soon the couple started dating. One thing Hilaria noted very early at Baldwin is excess eating habit and his crave addiction for sugar and junk foods. Hilaria said, "I never saw him eating a salad. His plate always filled with sugar or sugar based cakes. Cheese and sauces". Alec Baldwin had this habit for a long time from his early hollywood days. He is trying to get rid of it but due to excess travel and infrequent sleep cycle Alec Baldwin couldn't keep his schedule.

• Sugar will cause insulin disruption and results in high sugar levels in the body. Not only the white sugar you take but also the sugary drinks you buy from store and bakeries.

• Sugar will cause cardiovascular disease. Taking high sugar will cause cardiovascular disease. Studies have founded that sugar consumption is related with heart diseases. The sugar will directly influence high glycemic index and will cause blockage and affects the blood flows in heart.

Sugar will cause mood swings. Taking sugar will affect the insulin production leading to mood swings. Mood swings will directly affect your cognitive skills and your nerve performance. Sugar is often linked to alzheimer's disease.

How Pete Davidson helped Alec Baldwin to lose weight. 

Alec Baldwin was struggling with his craving for sugar and body weight for a long time. He is often tired with his multiple attempts. Alec Baldwin met Pete Davidson in a show and asked his what's his secret. Pete said, "Alec, i do a lot of workouts and pushups daily". Pete's statement affected his life and Alec realised he is doing all wrong and he needs to change. Hilaria Baldwin who also know about Baldwin's condition supported him.

Two things Alec had to do right now is to cut sugar and start his pushups. The average sugar one can take is 24 tablespoons. We knew Alec eats more than that. 

• The very first step he took is cutting down the sugar. He knew he can not stop his craving instead he started to limit his daily consumptions. He limited the table spoons.

• Alec started to find the alternative for sugar which is hot foods. He started to take hot healthy foods. There are plenty of hot foods that you can make from your kitchen. He diverted his attention to healthy soups that requires no sugar just some hot pepper.

• Alec Baldwin started to do rigorous workouts. He doesn't wanted another failure years.He woke up early and started his jogging. He did daily 150 pushups and stair climbing. His wife Hilaria also helped him with the yogas to flex his muscles. Alec   Baldwin did that for more than a year to achieve his task.

• Alec Baldwin started making his own foods. He buys groceries and makes his own salads. He cut down red meat. Instead he took pulses, cereals and shakes. He only eats half his stomach and loved working out. Hilaria Baldwin, yoga teacher from New York helped him with yoga classes.

Alec Baldwin weight loss transformation.

Finally Alec Baldwin lose more than 100 pounds. Thanks to his friend Pete Davidson and his beloved wife Hilaria Baldwin. Alec Baldwin also overcame his fear and procrastination through his regular pushups. Alec Baldwin is spotted on the streets of New York with new skinny look. One small lie from Pete Davidson and motivation from Hilaria Baldwin helped Alec Baldwin to lose more than 100 pounds.

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FAQ on Alec Baldwin. 

1. How did Alec Baldwin lose weight? 

Alec Baldwin lose weight by cutting down sugar. He was a chronic eater and suffering overweight. It was his friend Pete Davidson and wife Hilaria helped him to lose weight.

He achieved his weight loss by cutting down sugar and by regular pushups. 

2. Did Alec Baldwin really lose 100 pounds? 

Yes. Alec Baldwin lose 100 pounds through serious lifestyle changes. It was confirmed by his friend Pete Davidson and wife Hilaria Baldwin on her book.

3. Does Alec Baldwin have health issues? 

Yes. Alec Baldwin was suffering from chronic eating and sugar addicts. He was eating so much of sugar even his metabolism will breakout.

4. Alec Baldwin height and weight? 

5 feet 11 inches. 

90 kgs or 199 pounds.

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