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Andy ruiz weight loss story. Andy ruiz weight loss diet.

  The new heavyweight champion who just missed his lifetime opportunity is now gearing up again for his match. Andy Ruiz is America's new heavyweight sensation is set to meet his rival Chris Arreola. Andy Ruiz is still regretting his past and how he lost his match with English heavyweight champion. The boxer just lost 17 pounds and preparing for his upcoming fight with Chris Arreola. Let us see the Andy Ruiz weight loss story and how he shed so much pounds? Who is Andy Ruiz? Andres Ponce Ruiz Jr. is an American boxer. Andy is the first boxing champion from American Mexican descent. He got his title world heavy weight champion by defeating England's Anthony Joshua. Andy's family moved to California from Mexico. Andy's father is a hardworking construction worker. Born to middle class family Andy quickly found his passion to baseball. Andy Ruiz wanted to be a professional baseball player. Later his father switched his attention from baseball to boxing. Andy Ruiz father to

Angela Deem weight loss story. Angela Deem net worth.

  Who would have thought after so much of depression and failed relationship you will find your life partner on the other side of the globe. The 90 day fiance reality star Angela Deem stunned everyone with her new look and confidence. Her sheer determination and courage. She lost almost 90 pounds in couple of months. The Georgia nurse also reveals her internal struggles before meeting Michael. How did 90 day fiancĂ© star Angela Deem lose weight? What is Angela Deem net worth? How much Angela Deem earns per episode? Angela Deem in 90 day fiance. 90 day fiance is a reality show where an American can participate along with her foreign partner who is waiting for K-1 visa. They can participate in the show for 90 days. The foreign partner should leave if they are not married or denied visa. The reality show aired on TLC for six years with more than eight episode. This year it may be delayed due to covid-19. The show has three part 90 day fiance: Happily ever after which is after their marriag

Indian police gives dance punishment to teen covid rule breakers.

  India is struggling with alarming number of corona cases. The country under Narendra Modi is facing covid second wave. Modi is doing all with local and international support to bend this covid curve. Many major Indian states have came into lockdown due to dangerous number of cases spiking in the state. Many hospitals running out of beds and the patients are forced to wait outside the hospital for oxygen.  Corona second wave in India. States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Haryana, Madhya Preadesh, Uttar Prades have already saw the spike. The next on the list will be Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin have already ordered oxygen concentrators from international countries. The chief minister have already released the government tender for local vaccine manufacturing companies in Chennai. India's covid will see it's spike on May end. Third wave will be coming after six months of time. The government under Narendra Modi is doing all the efforts to sto

Should we take cappuccino fit regularly even after losing weight? Cappuccino review.

  Cappuccino fit is a famously weight loss drink. It is one of the top product for weight loss. The delicious drink is made from pure cocoa seeds and coconut oil and other special natural ingredients. Here many people having this doubt whether we should continue drinking cappuccino fit even after two weeks? or should we continue till we attain desired weight loss? Does cappuccino fit helps in weight loss? For how many days should i take cappuccino fit? Does cappuccino fit cause any side effects? What is cappuccino fit?  Cappuccino fit originally from singapore. The weight loss drink is specially made from cocoa seeds, black coal, protein, L-carnitine, and chromium picolinate. All this amazing things mixed together in a right proportion to make this amazing drink. Cappuccino fit helps you in losing pounds, be active and improves skin health. Since cappuccino fit is full on antioxidants they helps you in fighting free radicals and keeps you young. You can add two table spoons of cappucci

How social media destroying Bill Gates personal life?

  Melinda wife divorced Bill Gates after affair rumor. Legendary Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda mutually announced their separation on this month. Both Bill and Melinda shared their common message on social media, "After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage. Over the last 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to lead healthy, productive fives. We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives. We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life". Bill and Melinda love life. Bill Gates as we know the guy who predicted the PC revolution. Bill along with his friend Steve Balmer built the most powerful company in the world and he put a

If we eat boiled mustard leave can we lose weight?

  One of the interesting way to lose weight is to take a lot of fibers. Mustard leaves is one of the best food that you can take to lose weight. Many people have this doubt whether we can take it as raw or make it as a juice or can we eat boiled mustard leaf to lose weight? So, what are the benefits of boiled mustard leaves? How to make a boiled mustard leaves? Types of mustard leaves. Mustard greens or mustard leaves comes from a plant Brassica Juncea. There are different types of mustard plant with different size and proportion of leaves. Indian mustard, chinese mustard, leaf mustard, oriental mustard, brown mustard and vegetable mustard are major types of mustard plants. a. The one we commonly eat are bamboo mustard or mustard cabbage. Bamboo mustard are the one with the long and big green leaf.  b. The another mustard leaf we can try is American mustard or Texas mustard. You can easily buy it from your local store. c. Third and fourth are cut leaf and big stem mustard respectively.

Can i drink verka flavoured milk if am on dieting?

  It's really good to see people are becoming conscious of what they eat. More people are moving towards natural and more hygienic foods. But on the other hand we have that fallacy to frame every other products as bad just because they are not natural. The recent confusion among the people is whether we can drink the preserved milks. So can i drink verka flavoured milk if am on dieting?  So what is Verka? What is Verka milk? Verka is a punjab state cooperative milk producers federation limited. It's the official milk cooperative run by the Punjab government, an Indian state located in north west. It's not like the west where we have the private players. In a country like India you will have milk cooperative in every town where the farmers sell their milk to government in a standard price. Then it will be moved to government run factories where they will be pasteurized. Then milk will be delivered to all the people across the state. Verka milk history?  Verka was founded at

27 year old Ethereum co-founder is now the world's youngest billionaire.

  Once we had these craze for oils. Oils made everyone as millionaires. Some even quit their jobs to dig oil. After some time we had dot com revolution. People made millions in their home just by writing few post on their websites. Then we had social networks. Now it's the time of block chains. Something that started as a joke now shaking the wall street. Cryptos now over taking the traditional markets.  Crypto History.  Crypto started as a joke. When people were trying to find an alternative to paper currencies. Cryptos started at 1995. Later in the year 2009 when pseudonymous  Japanese founder Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. Within few years there were other competitors like Altecoin in the market. The whole cryptos work on blockchain technology where you will have series of computer codes. I still remember an article where a man bought a pizza for two thousand bitcoin in Japan. Imagine the same money now. He would have been a millionaire by now. Many people who understood the

Chants to lose weight? Can sounds help you to lose weight?

  When i was searching for a good way to lose weight. Like i tried everything from running, cycling and gym. I was surprised when one of my friend told me that i should chant some mantras to lose weight. Wait, what? Is that even possible? Not only my friend, almost many people believe this? Let's see the real truth behind this. Can chants or sounds help you to lose weight? Can sounds help you to lose weight?  I was pretty much surprised by this. So i searched on google and YouTube. I found zero evidence to prove. Also i asked my friend who is a doctor said the same. There is no scientific evidence to prove chants actually helps you to lose weight. So where does these concepts came from? The chants or mantras concepts came from Asia. Probably from hinduism and buddhism. Not only for weight loss. They also chant for healthy life, good business and even for good marks in their exam. So is there is fraction of truth behind it. All these chants or mantras are form of prayers that relax