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is aloe vera good for weight loss?


is aloe vera good for weight loss?

World is seeing an increase in number of natural products consumption. More and more people are switching to natural beauty recipe from pinterest and youtube. As the summer coming, one can not forget the benefits of aloe vera. Thick pointed plant that can be easily found on the tropical or hot regions. We know the aloe vera benefits for skin. Lets see the aloe vera benefits for weight loss and how we can get the best possible benefits from it? is aloe vera good for weight loss? 

Aloe vera origin. 

Aloe vera or aloe barbadensis is tropical plant. The aloe vera said to have originated from arabian regions. Slowly spreading to all the tropical regions around the world. Aloe vera is used as ornamental plant as it can be easily grown in the pot and inside the home. The plant requires minimum amount of water and sometimes can live without water for weeks. Aloe vera is rich in minerals and anti oxidants. In India and Africa aloe vera is cultivated for commercial purposes. 

Aloe vera benefits? 

Aloe vara is rich in vitamins and minerals. Aloe vera contains vitanin A, B and C. Aloe vera is also rich in copper and magnesium. It can protect you from summer heat.

Aloe vera fights dehydration. Instead of energy drinks you can make homemade juices for your children. You can also encourage your children to grow aloe vera inside your home.

Aloe vera is one of the best detoxifier. It cleanses the whole body. Aloe vera helps the liver function by cleaning the impurities in the body.

Aloe vera fights body odor. As we know aloe vera is rich in anti microbial properties. It cleanses the body from outside. You can make aloe vera gel and apply it on the body. Wait for thirty minutes. Then take a bath.

Aloe vera can be used to clean your face. And also makes you beautiful by drinking regularly. You can try aloe vera juice three times a week.

Is aloe vera good for weight loss? 

Aloe vera burns calories and reduce body fats. Aloe vera controls the metabolism by controlling the body sugar. It is the practice in Asia where the locals makes aloe vera powder and drinks with a glass of water.

Regularly taking aloe vera helps in boosting insulin resistance. Study conducted on adults showed 72% improvement on people. Regularly taking aloe vera juice helps in water retention. 

Aloe vera helps in gut health. One of the important aspects in weight loss is gut health. Keeping your stomach clean. Regularly taking aloe vera cleans the gut and protects it from bad bacteria formation. 

Aloe vera helps in stopping over eating. One of the primary reason for weight gain is the inability to stop the craving for junk food. Taking aloe vera frequently helps you to stop over eating. As the aloe vera keeps your stomach full. You can make aloe vera juice and keep it in the bottle and can drink regularly. 

One of the primary reason for weight loss is depression. Especially if you put weight. You lack that confidence in you. Aloe vera juice lightens your body and mind. Also do a lot of meditation. 

Aloe vera weight loss drink.

1. The famous aloe vera drink is to take it plainly along with a glass of water. Take three leaves of aloe vera. Remove the upper skin and take the aloe vera gel. Now blend it in the mixer. Now mix it with a glass of water. The most famous aloe vera recipe with zero side effects. Can be taken thrice a week.

2. Aloe vera with lemon. Take glass of water. Add two lemons. Add a spoon of aloe vera. Can drink thrice a week. Fights body odor. 

3. Aloe vera with fruit salads. Take different fruits salads. Add with aloe vera juices. Add small amount of sugar and ice cubes if needed.

Aloe vera side effects. 

One of the major side effects of aloe vera is diarrhea and constipation. Over drinking and eating of aloe vera will cause gut problems.

Also over eating may cause mild to severe discomforts. Best to eat thrice a week. Also drinking plain aloe vera than with a lot of ingredients can cause stomach upset.

Is aloe vera good for weight loss? Yes. Aloe vera is good for weight loss. You should also consider the proportion you take. Thrice a week is good for your body. In India people will take sesame oil bath along  with aloe vera. Which will greatly reduce the body heat and improve the metabolism. Aloe vera is definitely good for weight loss.

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