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is aloe vera good for weight loss?

  World is seeing an increase in number of natural products consumption. More and more people are switching to natural beauty recipe from pinterest and youtube. As the summer coming, one can not forget the benefits of aloe vera. Thick pointed plant that can be easily found on the tropical or hot regions. We know the aloe vera benefits for skin. Lets see the aloe vera benefits for weight loss and how we can get the best possible benefits from it? is aloe vera good for weight loss?  Aloe vera origin.  Aloe vera or aloe barbadensis is tropical plant. The aloe vera said to have originated from arabian regions. Slowly spreading to all the tropical regions around the world. Aloe vera is used as ornamental plant as it can be easily grown in the pot and inside the home. The plant requires minimum amount of water and sometimes can live without water for weeks. Aloe vera is rich in minerals and anti oxidants. In India and Africa aloe vera is cultivated for commercial purposes.  Aloe vera benefit