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In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase the immunity?


In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase the immunity?

As we prepare for vaccination all around the world. We now found the new strains of corona in England and South Africa. Our scientists and health workers working hard to defeat this pandemic. We will soon overcome this corona pandemic. Many people have this question. In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase immunity? What are the foods one needs to take everyday to boost our immunity? 

In corona pandemic what should do?

The very first thing we need to do is to protect ourselves and our family from covid. As we go outside for work. We are the ones who carry all the disease. There is more chance that we spread it to our children and parents. 

• Wash your hands often with soaps and sanitizers.

• Don't go outside unnecessarily. You can buy the necessary goods once in a week. You can always go at the afternoon as there will be less crowd.

• Don't use public transportations like buses or trains or AC coaches. You can take your own car or two wheeler.

• Avoid going to malls, theatres and parks. Avoid large gatherings and parties.

• Isolate your parents. Keep your children away from your parents. As there is more chance your children will spread covid to the elderly people in your family.

• Wear mask and face shield. Change it often. If you have fever and having difficulty in breathing seek necessary medical attentions and isolate yourself.

In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase the immunity?

1. Don't smoke. Smoking creates a large number of diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. Smoking also affects your mind and make you a weak person. 

2. Quit drinking or drink moderately. Heavy drinking will cause liver dysfunction. Liver is the organ that is responsible for removing toxins on our body. Heavy drinking will cause the liver damage. Soon the it will develop in to a inflammatory disease called cirrhosis.

3. Start home cooking. Avoid food deliveries. You can buy vegetables from the local market and make green salads. Salads are so rich in vitamins and minerals. Home cooking also reduces your budget and you will have the control over your calorie. You can also try gardening in front of your house where you can start planting spinaches, lemons and other essential vegetables.

4. Take plenty of citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants. They improve immunity and fights the diseases. Children usually avoids spinaches. You can make fruit juices and put it in their school bags.

5. Start exercises and keep yourself fit and healthy. Daily walking one hour keeps yourself healthy and fresh. If you can't find a ground. You can try stair climbing. You can buy a treadmill in a reasonable price by saving some amount.

6. Sleep at least eight hours daily. Having a good and sound sleep improves your immune system. Don't use mobiles or other electronic items at least one hour before sleep. Instead start reading. Daily few pages. 

7. Do meditation. Meditate at least for thirty minutes a day. Meditation helps you to focus on your daily tasks. Meditation also helps you to be productive.

Immunity booster in corona? Foods to increase immunity.

1. Spinaches are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Spinaches are high in folate, manganese and magnesium. Vitamin K in spinach keeps you young and healthy. Spinaches are good when half boiled or blended as raw juice.

2. Citrus fruits are the best when it comes to improve your immune system. Especially who wants it yummy and tasty. You can make a glass of lemonade to improve your immune system and keep yourself fresh all day.

3. Broccoli is a super food. It has all the vitamins and nutrients. Broccoli contains vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K, protein, iron and calcium. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, phytochemical that protects our body from cigarette smokes and pollution. Broccoli also helps you to fight cardiovascular diseases by keeping yourself fit. Also remember overeating broccoli may cause gas in your body.

4. Eggs are rich in calcium and proteins. Especially the yolks the white part is rich in protein that keeps you young. Egg is also rich in selenium, Vitamin D, copper and zinc. Daily taking two eggs will keep you healthy and fit all the day. Daily taking two eggs protect yourself from osteoporosis and rickets. Study shows avoiding sugar and taking eggs regularly will increase the height in teens.

5. Chicken soup will increase your immunity. You can drink a cup of chicken soup after your workout in the evening. Chicken soups are rich in iron, protein and magnesium. They help you to build your muscles and your immune system. You can add carrot, cereals, peppers and onions for the taste. They act as a best source of vitamin A, Vitamin C. Chicken contains tryptophan which helps the body to produce serotonin that keeps you healthy and active all day. You can try different dish like chicken noodle or chicken carrot soups.

What should we learn from the coronavirus outbreak? 

Corona has taught as important lesson in life. Our life is short and remember our body is the tool. We all need to be so committed in living our life fully. We need to have that sheer determination in pursuing our goals. How the entire year suffered our family and loved ones. It has taught the importance of life and we need to be conscious of what we want in our life.

In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase the immunity? Simply take a lot of green vegetables and salads. Have a good sleep. Do a lot of exercises and meditation. Start home cooking. If possible start a garden in front of your home. 

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