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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Can high WBC may cause weight loss and stress?

  Ilanthirayan       Sunday, 17 January 2021


Can high WBC may cause weight loss and stress?

People with high White blood cells or WBC often complain about weight loss and depression. When you go for a normal blood test you will be often surprised by the high WBC count on your blood. Should you worry about the high WBC count or is it just a normal thing? What is the correct WBC count? What you should do in case it is high? When is the right time to see a doctor?

What is WBC?

White blood cells simply called WBC or leucocytes. Leucocytes are produced in multipotent cells in bone marrow. WBCs protects your body from infections and foreign bodies. Simply the soldiers of our immune system. WBCs can be easily identified through it's nucleus structure whereas RBCs don't have a nucleus. The normal count of WBC is 4000 to 11000 microliter. Increase in WBCs count will cause a medical condition called leukocytosis and low WBC will result in leukopenia. The rise of WBC after a injury or accident is normal. WBC count also increase if a person is having a autoimmune diseases like asthma or skin allergies.

High white blood cell count causes.

WBC count increases to fight infection. If you had any injury or taking some tablets for cold and wound. You will see the high WBC count. You will also have the high WBC count if you have asthma, allergies or any skin diseases. Autoimmune diseases like these will increase the WBC count.

Smoking, drinking or taking drugs with corticosteroids, epinephrine will cause the high WBC. 

As mentioned above the right WBC count is between 4000 to 11000 millilitre. Even rising to 15000 is considered normal. Above the 15000 millilitre is considered leukocytosis.

Types of leukocytosis.

Leukocytosis is classified by it's WBC increase count.

• Neutrophilia is the most common type with 40 to 60 percent increase. Neutrophilia caused by infection and inflammation.

• Lymphocytosis is with 20 to 40 percent increase. Caused by viral infection and leukemia.

• Monocytosis is the rise of monocytes present in the WBC. It's very uncommon. Caused by cancer.

• Eosinophilia is the rise of eosinophils in the WBC. Caused by allergies and parasites.

• Basophilia is the rise of basophils. Causes leukemia.

Can high WBC may cause weight loss and stress?

Yes. High WBC count will cause blurred vision, nausea, breathing difficulties and skin rashes. Very high count with above 50000 WBC per millilitre will cause weight loss and should be consulted to your doctor. Above 50000 WBC is considered very serious and it indicates the formation of cancer cells on your body.

Your doctor will analyse your blood samples by Complete blood count(CBC) method. Weight loss with WBC count above 50000 milliliter is considered very severe case of cancer and need urgent medical care.

Very high stress will also trigger WBC count. You should find a way to stop it. Talk to your family and friends. Even you could talk to a local psychologist. High stress will indirectly support formation of plaques on your heart valves so high WBC count should be dealt with a immediate attention.

High white blood cell count symptoms.

Symptoms of high WBC varies based on the count. Mild symptoms includes fever, headache, nausea, bruises and skin rashes. People with high WBC count also suffer autoimmune diseases like lupus, ulcerative colatis and difficulty in breathing.

Pregnant women have high WBC count from 7 to ten months. High WBC count is due to stress and tension they goes through  near their delivery time.

How to lower white blood cell count?

For most cases increased WBC count is not dangerous. WBC count below 15000 per milliliter is considered normal. The very first thing to control WBC is by having a healthy lifestyle. 

• Avoid smoking, alcohol and unprescribed drugs.

• Avoid foods that trigger WBC count. For people with high WBC count may avoid foods with Vitamin C and antioxidants.

• High WBC count may cause stroke. It is important to regularly check your WBC count in any local labs.

• If found serious, you should immediately consult your local doctor. 

• High WBC count is very much related to autoimmune diseases. You should avoid all the foods and activities that will trigger WBC count.

• Start meditation. Start kundalini yoga. Rather than being a tensed person. Find a way to stop your depression. Start a new habit in your life. Like start reading a book, morning walk, painting and handicrafts.

Can high WBC may cause weight loss and stress? Yes. It will cause weight loss and stress. Some people are born with autoimmune disease. It is very important to regularly check your WBC count and consult your doctor. High WBC will cause serious disease like cardiovascular disease and blood cancer. 

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