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Can high WBC may cause weight loss and stress?

  People with high White blood cells or WBC often complain about weight loss and depression. When you go for a normal blood test you will be often surprised by the high WBC count on your blood. Should you worry about the high WBC count or is it just a normal thing? What is the correct WBC count? What you should do in case it is high? When is the right time to see a doctor? What is WBC? White blood cells simply called WBC or leucocytes. Leucocytes are produced in multipotent cells in bone marrow. WBCs protects your body from infections and foreign bodies. Simply the soldiers of our immune system. WBCs can be easily identified through it's nucleus structure whereas RBCs don't have a nucleus. The normal count of WBC is 4000 to 11000 microliter. Increase in WBCs count will cause a medical condition called leukocytosis and low WBC will result in leukopenia. The rise of WBC after a injury or accident is normal. WBC count also increase if a person is having a autoimmune diseases like

In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase the immunity?

  As we prepare for vaccination all around the world. We now found the new strains of corona in England and South Africa. Our scientists and health workers working hard to defeat this pandemic. We will soon overcome this corona pandemic. Many people have this question. In corona pandemic what should be the diet to increase immunity? What are the foods one needs to take everyday to boost our immunity?  In corona pandemic what should do? The very first thing we need to do is to protect ourselves and our family from covid. As we go outside for work. We are the ones who carry all the disease. There is more chance that we spread it to our children and parents.  • Wash your hands often with soaps and sanitizers. • Don't go outside unnecessarily. You can buy the necessary goods once in a week. You can always go at the afternoon as there will be less crowd. • Don't use public transportations like buses or trains or AC coaches. You can take your own car or two wheeler. • Avoid going to