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Saturday, 10 October 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020: How you can rebuild your ruined life in this pandemic.

  Ilanthirayan       Saturday, 10 October 2020


Mental health

Today as we celebrate world mental health day in 2020, millions of people had lost their job due to this pandemic. No one expected this. Many considered 2020 as very special as it is the beginning of the new decade. People are talking about job loss but many small cafe shops who wanted to be next starbucks went bankrupt. Their decades of hard work had gone in vain. Governments all around the world striving for vaccine and struggling to keep our economy alive.

World mental health day 2020.

If you are one of the person who is affected by this pandemic and lost your job. Don’t worry, you can always build your life. Our world saw much more worse than this. We saw plague, we saw great depression. We will comeback stronger. All our governments are doing their best. You need to maintain your mental health to face the world.

So, if you are one of the person who lost your job and living in stress or mentally broken then here is my tip for you.

Don’t quit.

The very first thing you need to do survive in this pandemic is to be mentally strong. That is the very important thing right now. If you think job loss is hard for you. There are millions of old age people living on the rented house and unable to pay their medical bills. If you think your life is worse. There are millions of people living on streets in this winter. You need to understand there are people who are living in worst part of their life. Think about your children. Think about your parents who needs your support as a son or daughter.

Find any job. Don’t hesitate.

The very first priority to overcome this pandemic is to find a job. Any job. You may have worked at the big company or you may had ran a successful venture. Your first priority is to find any job. Make sure your children are getting enough food and support. Work harder in your new company and get the support of your boss. Show up early and work hard to improve your firm.

Make a long term plan.

This pandemic is really going to take a long time. Even to fix our worsened economy, it will take long time. Minimum of two years. So plan accordingly. The 9 to 5 jobs are the best. You can come home early and work on improving your life. You can think about your future. Even you can work on your next venture.

Learn some extra skills.

You know there are many teens who make tons of money on the internet. It’s easy. They review food or make cooking videos. It’s easy. Learn some video editing. You can read some ebook that tells how exactly you should do it. You can learn it from your home.

There are sites like fiverr, gotranscript and upwork. They pay you for type writing, voice overs and transcription. You can earn around 1000 to 1500$ per month just by working two to three hours per day. You can do it in your home and after your work.

Spend quality time with your family.

This pandemic have gave us huge opportunity to spend time with your family. You can play with your children. Watch netflix together. Help your parents make a walk and learn some cooking. Talk to your children and ask them about their school life and friends. Talk about upcoming movies and world happenings. You can watch netflix along with your children and parents.

Stay away from social media.

Learn to minimize the usage of social media. They are going to have a huge impact on your overall mental health. There are people who scroll their mobile for more than six hours. At one point. They are even addicted to it. When you wake up and start looking for new messages and chatting till mid night and have late night sleep. They are definitely going to have huge impact on your mental health and day to day life. You can not focus and complete a job by scrolling on social media and looking at the texts. Fix a specific time for your social media. May be for fifteen minutes a day.

Read books.

I came across this amazing book, Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill. The story behind that book. Napoleon Hill spent his huge part of life by writing book on a business tycoon Andrew Carnegie. The moral lesson and business advices. Rather than watching cat videos, you can spend your precious time on reading that wonderful book. There are like thousands of ebooks on the market. Wonderful books that teaches about business and how people built it from scratch. Those are the books that teaches how those gentlemen built their life from nothing. Many books teaches about companies failures and how they overcame.

Get rid of your past.

One of the very reason why people suffer from mental illness is they are unable to get rid of their past failures and relationship. You need to overcome all those hurdles. If you are not getting rid of the past. It’s definitely going to kill your future. Work harder on your profession. You will get rid of it over the time. All it takes is patience and love for your life.

If you failed at something just think of it. How you lost the game and where you missed it. If a failed relationship killing your future. Get rid of it. Go out for something. May be a tour or introduce a new habit in your life.

About 20% of the people suffer from mental illness. It’s very unfortunate that we have a very competitive life. Whatever that may happen in your life. You can overcome them and rebuild your life. Have a lot of patience and improve your craft. Also help other people who suffer from mental illness and help them to achieve in their life.

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