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World Mental Health Day 2020: How you can rebuild your ruined life in this pandemic.

  Today as we celebrate world mental health day in 2020, millions of people had lost their job due to this pandemic. No one expected this. Many considered 2020 as very special as it is the beginning of the new decade. People are talking about job loss but many small cafe shops who wanted to be next starbucks went bankrupt. Their decades of hard work had gone in vain. Governments all around the world striving for vaccine and struggling to keep our economy alive. World mental health day 2020. If you are one of the person who is affected by this pandemic and lost your job. Don’t worry, you can always build your life. Our world saw much more worse than this. We saw plague, we saw great depression. We will comeback stronger. All our governments are doing their best. You need to maintain your mental health to face the world. So, if you are one of the person who lost your job and living in stress or mentally broken then here is my tip for you. Don’t quit. The very first thing you need to do s