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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

How much you should weigh for a healthy life? 6 ways to control your BMI.

  Ilanthirayan       Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Obesity is the biggest problem among US teens. Even with so much spending on healthcare. The obesity percentage rose from 30.5% to 42.4% and the severe obesity cases have rose from 4.7& to 9.2%. The obesity in teens not only causes health related problems but also put our young people in depression. How much you should weigh for a healthy life.

How much am i supposed to weigh?

The healthiness of a person is measured by BMI(Body Mass Index). BMI is calculated by body mass divided by square of the body height. BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy. BMI of above 25 is considered overweight. 

However BMI measurement can't fully guarantee a person's overall health. BMI can't count

• Body fat proportion 
• Hip size
• Muscle mass

How to control BMI?

Obesity or poor BMI can cause a lot of health problems. Losing weight will protect your body from high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, kidney problems and other psychological problems. However losing weight is not something that can be achieved instantly. It's a long process of lifestyle changes and investing your body on intense exercises.

These are my top 6 ways to control your BMI.

1. Invest on medical equipments.
The very first way to control your BMI is to invest on essential medical equipments like thermometer, glucometer, sphygmomanometer and measuring tapes. It's always good to check your body glucose and blood pressure regularly at your home rather than going to medical centres. This will reduce the stress of going to the clinic and waiting for hours. It is also good to connect with your personal doctor.

2. Cutting sugar and salt. 
Removing sugar and salt to a maximum can control your obesity. Especially the white sugar have number of disadvantages like spike in body glucose levels, heart disease, stress and obesity. If you are craving for sugar then you can use jaggery. There are number of dishes you can make from jaggery. You can also go for fruits as a substitute for sugar. Again sugar of any forms is dangerous for your health.

3. Invest your time on cooking.
Other than sugars and salts. You can invest your time on cooking. Prefer going to the market twice buying your favorite veggies and fish. Rather than food deliveries you can try different recipes from youtube and pinterest. Home cooking not only brings healthiness to your body but also the calmness of living in your home and focusing on your life. Buy some fresh greens or fish from the market and make your own recipe. Avoid beef or meat to a minimum.

4. Control over your foods.
Choose the right foods. The processed foods you buy or zero carbs foods you make going to have a long negative impact on your overall health. Avoid them completely. Taking a lot of protein and greens will boost your health. You can make your own smoothies at your home. You can make your own dark chocolates for snacks.

5. Intense workout.
Diets alone wont help you in controlling your BMI. It is also very important to workout on your gym. Start slowly may be a walk for thirty minutes and then gradually increase. If you are living in an apartment you can try stair climbing or treadmill. Do an intense push ups, sit ups, cycling. Do it for thirty days to see the visible result. You can make sundays as holidays so that you can prepare for the next week.

6. Understand your life and body.
To control your body weight it should start with the change of your mindset. Don't get demotivated or sit idle by doing nothing. You should take your first step. People just try for a week and then give up. You have to understand and admit that it's a long process of working out regularly. A small changes you make in your life like cutting off sugar or junk foods, learning home cooking and doing exercises regularly will keep the diseases at bay.

How much should you weigh for your height.

Anything that falls between BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is healthy. There are products available online that promises quick fixes to your weight loss problem. Those quick fixes may cause long term problems. Make some important lifestyle changes like quit smoking, quitting processed foods and drinking plenty of water. Focus on your diet and exercises. Visit your doctor regularly.


Thanks for reading How much you should weigh for a healthy life? 6 ways to control your BMI.

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