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How much you should weigh for a healthy life? 6 ways to control your BMI.

Obesity is the biggest problem among US teens. Even with so much spending on healthcare. The obesity percentage rose from 30.5% to 42.4% and the severe obesity cases have rose from 4.7& to 9.2%. The obesity in teens not only causes health related problems but also put our young people in depression. How much you should weigh for a healthy life. How much am i supposed to weigh? The healthiness of a person is measured by BMI(Body Mass Index). BMI is calculated by body mass divided by square of the body height. BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy. BMI of above 25 is considered overweight.  However BMI measurement can't fully guarantee a person's overall health. BMI can't count • Body fat proportion  • Hip size • Muscle mass How to control BMI? Obesity or poor BMI can cause a lot of health problems. Losing weight will protect your body from high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, kidney problems and other psychological problems. However losing weight is not something tha

Chrissy Metz weight loss story. How "This Is Us" star lost 100 pounds.

How much weight can you lose? 100 pounds is impossible for many women. Here is our "This Is Us" star lost almost 100 pounds over the period of one year through a series of lifestyle changes. Chrissy Messy doesn't shy to tell her weight loss secrets and mental trauma that she went through due to overweight and her troubled eating habits. The moment when Chrissy Mets realized how her obesity affecting her acting career and the changes she made to lose weight. Chrissy Metz childhood.  Chrissy Metz born in Florida to Denise and Mark Metz. Due to her father's job. Chrissy have to move to different places. She spent her early school days in Japan. Later she moved back to US. She then reside with her mother and grandparents home in Florida. As a introvert Chrissy had a calm and quite childhood. She worked at different stores for her pocket money and to buy some chocolates. Chrissy Metz struggles with obesity.  Chrissy was a chubby girl just like every other teenagers in Amer

Katie Maloney weight loss story. Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz relationship.

Katie Maloney surprised her fans with her new weight loss look. The vanderpump reality show star was brutually trolled for her over weight look. Katie Maloney now lost almost 20 pounds. She thanks her nutritionist and her husband for achieving this goal. Katie Maloney is not that kind of person who hurt her body. She just eat the right food and with right exercises. Katie Maloney now even runs her own blog pucker and pout teaching people her diet and make up tutorials. The reality show star revealed her weight loss story on instagram live while responding to her fan. Katie Maloney weight loss story. Unlike the other celebrities who became famous through news and social media. Katie Maloney rose through her hard work. She is a woman of will power and sheer determination. She was a professional rower. Before participating in vanderpump show, she acted in numerous roles in movies like BlackBox Tv, A True Story and Harper's globe. On vanderpump season 6, Katie Maloney revealed a fat