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Tanya Burr weight loss journey. Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman relationship.

tanya burr weight loss

Tanya Burr weight loss journey:

Tanya Burr is one of the few people who realized the power of internet. She started her youtube channel on 2009. Now with more than three million subscribers and 44 million total views. Amassing millions through her fashion and make up tutorials.
Recently Tanya Burr shocked everyone through her bikini and slim look. She lost almost 12 pounds in two months. Her weight loss journey is awesome. The youtube star is also looking for her future in hollywood. 

Tanya Burr youtube.

Born and raised in Norwich, England. Tanya Burr was a simple and quite girl. She wanted to be a make up artist. After her graduation she worked as a beauty counter at Jarrold's store at Norwich. While working at the Jarrold's store. It was her sister in law Samantha Chapman who inspired her to start her own youtube channel. 
At the beginning Tanya Burr taught celebrity make up tutorials. She did that after her office hours. She slowly made youtube as her full time career. Tanya worked so hard. She was one of the early youtube stars in whole England. 
At the height of her career Tanya Burr launched her own makeup brands Tanya Burr cosmetics. She also with the help of freelancers she released several books like love, tanya, Tanya's christmas, Tanya bakes.

After she found her fame in youtube. Tanya started to work on films. Tanya said, "I always wanted to work in films". She made her debut at the short film "Disconnect". Her recent film was "Hurt". She is now currently working on "Twist" which will be released on 2021.

Tanya Burr weight loss.

Tanya Burr shocked her three million instagram fans with her slim bikini look. The chubby youtube star is almost unrecognizable and pretty. Her instagram is flooded with comments. She said "I really don't have a meal plan. I just keep myself busy. I do boot camp rarely. That was really hard". Rather than working harder in gym. She let her body to do the job for her. It doesn't meant that she is a foodie. She carefully choose what she eat and not being intense.

The reason behind Tanya's diet is people simply punish themselves by doing the hard job and set unrealistic goals. They stuff so much of schedule that it's almost impossible to do. All of a sudden you can't quit your poor eating or addiction. You need some time. Start one habit or make one changes per week. It's enough. Then gradually improve it.

Tanya doesn't put so much efforts. She make herself busy. She is now in film industry. She try out new things. She eat the right and light foods. She does her boot camp trainings.

Having a good sleep will help you in weight loss. Sleep is the foundation of a day. Adults need to sleep minimum eight hours per day. Rather than chocolates and chips you can opt for nuts. You can even buy dark chocolates or homemade smoothies as snacks.

Rather than intense and unachievable goals. You can opt for small steps. Like climbing 500 stairs per day. Then gradually improve it for every month. Join some yoga class. Yoga keeps you serene and calm.

Tanya Burr achieved her weight loss goal and she is awesome.

Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman relationship. 

The couples met at the early days of their youtube journey. Tanya Burr is a successful youtube star with three million subscribers and Jim Chapman with two million subscribers. The couple dated for more than seven years and finally got married on september 3 2015. They have three children. 
The couple split on 2019 shocking their fans. They still remain as good friends. Tanya is looking for her opportunity in hollywood. Recently Tanya Burr shared her reason for their split. She said, it was a mutual decision. I am feeling depressed now and i want some time to get over it. She also does not want too much media attention on her personal life.

It's been a year since she posted her last video. She now focus fully on her acting career.

Meanwhile Jim Chapman is dating Sarah Tarleton, an anglo indian model. The couple shared sweet kiss on instagram.  Jim Chapman introduced Sarah Tarleton to his family. They are now spending their lovely moments. Few months ago the couple were spotted in Mexico beach.

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