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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Complete weight loss diet plan for men. Why you are not starting at all? Mindset behind procrastinators.

  Ilanthirayan       Wednesday, 10 June 2020
weight loss diet plan for men

Weight loss diet plan for men:

How many of us remember our new year's resolution. For most of the people. It will be losing weight and living a healthy life. I knew you haven't achieved it yet. I knew this is not your first new year's weight loss resolution. Let's see why we really can't accomplish that task. In this article let us see about simple weight loss diet plan for men and simple weight loss exercise techniques that works.

Mindset for weight loss.

The very reason why we don't really achieve our desired task is none other than procrastination and laziness. You need to change your mindset. Let's say you want to hit the gym at morning sharply at 6AM. Instead previous night you watched Netflix till 2PM. You wake up at 8PM and you didn't show up for gym. Then you watch a motivational videos of workouts. You suddenly feel the adrenaline in your veins. Again on the next morning you wake up at 8PM and you missed your gym again.

Ok. How not to procrastinate? Simple. Just imagine the damage that had caused in your life. Your friend who is 25 and well settled in a nice job and he regularly hits the gym. But you are in your early thirties still didn't achieved a thing. You are sitting on your sofa and watching TV. Your old father giving you the pocket money and you are completely depend on him even for your netflix recharge.

Start small. The very reason why people don't even start is because they are overwhelmed by the amount of job they need to do in a day. I am not asking you to workout for two hours. I am asking you to just show up at 6AM. Do it for two weeks. Just show up nothing else. Then gradually improve. It is the mindset that decides everything.

Meal plan for weight loss.

Making small changes in your life will have a great impact. There are some small changes that you need to do before you start your weight loss journey. The foundation for weight loss starts from your bed. You got to sleep eight hours per day. You need to have a sound sleep if you want to be active throughout your day. Fix a time and just sleep. Make it as a habit. Boy that's the key. Have a good sleep.

Once you wake up at the morning. Don't take your phone and don't scroll your instagram feed. Drink a glass of water. If you are living in cold weather you can drink a warm water. The water will flush out all the waste in your intestine.

At morning you can eat wheat bread and five eggs. As we follow keto diet. It is important to take a lot of fat and less carbs in your meal plan. Whole wheat bread contains fibers and iron. Fibers will helps you in bowl movement. Egg yolk contains 27 grams of fats per 100 grams which is huge for keto lovers.

For lunch you can eat steak along with avocados. The red meat is full of B12, vitamins, minerals. Steak contains 20% of proteins and 4% fats. Steak is also rich in fatty acids and oleic acids which repairs your DNA.

For dinner you can eat salmon and asparagus. There are different recipes for it. Salmon is the most preferred meal of keto lovers. Salmon is full of cholesterol and saturated fats.

For snacks you can make your own fat bombs by using butters. Peanut butter fat bombs are most preferred. For weight loss diet you can even switch to cheaper meal plans like if you can't afford salmon you can go for broccoli. The only rule you have is to take a lot of fats and then fast. For weight loss diet you can even try making hot chicken soup.

Workouts for weight loss.

For workouts i prefer light exercises. Start from cardiac. Start with 500 steps climbing per day. Both morning and evening. Gradually increase it for every week. For a change you can try in different areas like park.

Intense exercises will helps you in shedding pounds. Running straight for 100 metres then some breathes again straight running for 100 metres. This type of exercises pump your blood circulation fast. I did it for two months found some amazing result.

You can also do push ups, pull ups, sit ups, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks, crunches, plank and heavy lifting. 

Meditation for weight loss.

It is the mind that decides everything. When you have a good and strong mind you can achieve anything. Meditation plays an important role in deciding one's life. I strongly disagree with westernised forms of yoga. They do all the insane things starting from music yoga to dance yoga. The raw indian origin of yoga is calm and serene. There are a lot of indian youtubers who teaches the real and pure art. Go for it. I prefer kundalini and suryanamskar. They are the most effective. 

It takes time but this methods are highly effective. Make it as a habit. How you can start your weight loss journey. From beginning having a strong sleep of eight hours. Not scrolling your mobile when you wake up. Drinking a glass of warm water. Starting your stair climbing exercises. From morning break fast to dinner. Following all the keto meals. Finally mediating for thirty minutes before you sleep. Appreciating your efforts. This are easy tasks that you can do. Start small and gradually increase. 

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FAQ on weight loss.

How many days a week should I workout to lose weight?
You can workout for six days a week. It is recommended to workout minimum of forty minutes per day to see the visible result on your body. You should also follow strict diet.

How long should I do cardio to burn fat?
People do thirty minutes of cardio exercises. They do 2000 to 2500 stair climbing. For the beginners you can start with 500 steps. It's actually not the time but about the intense cardio exercises you need to follow.

Can you see results after a month of working out?
Yes. You can see the result after a month. It should follow a strict weight loss diet plan. You need to remove sugar and salt completely from your diet. Avoid junk and oily foods. Go green.

Is exercising everyday bad?
Yes. You will get tired. Exercising everyday will make you restless. You need to give your mind and body some time to refresh. Make sunday holiday for your exercise routines. You can try a chicken soup and reading on sundays.


Thanks for reading Complete weight loss diet plan for men. Why you are not starting at all? Mindset behind procrastinators.

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