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Ayesha Curry weight loss. How Steph Curry wife overcame thyroid and postpartum.

steph curry wife

Ayesha Curry weight loss journey:

If you are looking for the hottest couple in America. Definitely it will be Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry. The couple were dating for more than five years before they finally got married. Their relationships went undisturbed and clean despite a enormous fame. Our 'Homemade' star Ayesha Curry was long suffering from thyroid and also postpartum. She now overcame her surgery pain and on a perfect shape after series of weight loss diet and weight loss exercises. Her beloved husband Steph Curry was with her in those hard times of surgical procedures.

Steph Curry and Ayesha relationship.

Born in Canada Ayesha Curry had a strong desire for acting. Her family moved to Los Angeles for her education. Ayesha Curry's mother ran a small salon on their house basement. Ayesha did some part time jobs to support her mother but her desire for hollywood didn't stop. She went to different studios for a chance. She got her breakthrough at the age of 12 by acting on 'Too young for love' by Sugar Prince.

Ayesha Curry also acted as lead roles in 'Street Flippers' and 'Dan's detour of life'. She has that amazing tanned face that makes her so attractive. She then did Ayesha's homemade show on food network. Ayesha Curry met her future husband Steph Curry on a church youth group. They were just struggling youngsters where Ayesha was trying her luck on hollywood and Steph Curry practicing hard for his NBA dream.  Eventually they had to separate to pursue their dreams.

The couple reunited after a surprise facebook chat. Ayesha had no idea when she saw him after a long time. Ayesha said, "Stephen was the hottest guy. There is no way i will be his girlfriend". The couple spend their beautiful moments in near by cafe shop. But again it was Stephen Curry's work schedule that made him to tour different parts of the country. 

Aysha was very reluctant and nervous about the fame around Stephen Curry. I always stayed away from sportsmen, she said. Ayesha devoted her fulltime on Stephen Curry. Stephen wad just 23 and Ayesha was just 22 when the couple got married. Now it's been five years in to their marriage. They had two daughters Riley and Ryan. The star couple gave birth to Canon on 2018.

She now runs her own YouTube channel and promote her own personal brands of virgin oil. She is now a millionaire and her networth is around 12 million.

Ayesha curry thyroid surgery. 

Everything went great untill 2018 when she was about to give birth to Canon. Ayesha was suffering from hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism usually appears on fourth week of the pregnancy. Thyroid glands play a vital role in maintaining hormone balance in the child. Pregnant mother secrets higher thyroid hormones to support baby. Thyroid hormones supports brain and nervous functions of the baby. 

Sometimes the excess amount of thyroid produced which is hyperthyroidism can cause premature birth, miscarriage or in worst case even a heart failure. 

The doctors advised Ayesha to go for surgery as she can't opt for radioactive treatment anymore. Stephen Curry posted it on his instagram feed. His team PRO refused to comment on the surgery as it was their personal matter.

Ayesha Curry said, 'Had my thyroid removed. Thank you for all your prayers. It was really hard. I was not even at the matches to support Stephen'.

Every woman needs to be conscious of what you eat. You need to follow your doctor's advise. You know you will have that crave for junk foods. But that's going to have huge effect on your child's health. If thyroid levels left untreated it will cause severe heart condition both to child and mother.

During pregnancy Ayesha Curry went through that emotional stress just like every woman. You will often have vomiting, weight loss and fatigue. All you do it for your baby, said Ayesha.

She posted her postpartum workouts on instagram. How she shed her pounds by simple diet plans and heavy cardio exercises. Ayesha said, 'I spent all my 20's for my child. Now am happy to spend some time on my health and business'.

As she is already a chef entrepreneur. It is easy for her to move back to her diet and exercises.

All is well for Stephen Curry wife.

After giving birth to her son Canon. Now everything is all well for Curry's family. Her personal brand little lights of mine sells virgin oils. Which is making a huge business. Both Ayesha and her husband donates a lot of money to charity. Ayesha Curry donates part of her sales to 'No kid hungry' foundation. Her husband Stephen Curry also contribute to United Nations poverty alleviation programs. 

Stephen Curry is now height of his career. He is the only player with three NBA championships and twice named NBA's most valuable player. Recently Ayesha Curry shared a instagram post on her family watching Jumanji together. Simply Ayesha is living her dream life.

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