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Affordable health insurance for the self employed.

Affordable health insurance.

Affordable health insurance:

This decade has started out with full of uncertainty and it is still continuing. More and more people are getting laid off and the new opportunities of work from home is on the rise. It is very important for every one to have a affordable health insurance for your medical emergencies. Rather than costly 2000$ per month cover. There are small affordable health insurance companies that will do the same job at 200$.

After some little research i have listed out small private health insurance companies that will protect you and your loved one's from medical emergencies.

Health insurance companies with low monthly charges.

If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable health insurance company than ehealthinsurance is the best choice for you. The company have more than five million satisfied customers. Most importantly they don't charge a dollar more. They have online system that will tell exactly how much it would cost for a health insurance policy based on your resident. The formalities are so fast it will be done within few hours. If you have pre existing medical condition they have the cheap plans that will cover you. The oscar minimum coverage EPO starts just at 147$ and the most affordable plan Oscar silver classic EPO starts just at 247$ with 35% coinsurance.

Telemedicine services are slowly replacing general health insurance plans. The entire cost of meeting a physician or appointment is reduced by virtual consultant. For any medical emergencies you are connected to a certified physician through phone. It's 24*7 and very cheap. They also have your medical history on their data so it will completely reduce the cost of medical visits and checkups. You really don't have to spend thousands of dollars for a minor issue. The common telemedicine services are Amwell, Health Tap, Providence, callMD.

3.Health Savings Account. 
How about we have the full control of our medical expenses and literally pay nothing for extra charges. Usually HSA comes with a debit card that linked to your High Deductible Health Plan(HDHP). The HSA plan saves 30% of all your prescriptions and medical checkups. If your card does not reached the medical expenses limit. The amount will be moved to the next year. The HSA also have the option of earning through interest. Withdrawals through HSA for a qualified medical expense considered tax free throughout America. The only drawback in HSA is it is so expensive and every time you should maintain the bills to prove it is as a qualified expense.

4.Consult a doctor online.
Just like telemedicine, virtual doctor platforms are also gaining the popularity. Thanks to the American startups who are just doing great job. Just like a chat room you will have thousands of doctors online from various departments. From dermatology to cardiologist. The cost of consulting a doctor online is so cheap. They will hear about your health complaints, past history, virtually inspecting your body and even the prescription. I will suggest you to go for the new and reliable because they are the one who charges less. The virtual doctor platforms are amazing. You really don't have to wait for the appointment for a minor complaint. It will be done in thirty minutes.

5.Independent organizations for the self employed. 
If you are a self employed looking for the assistance to get the affordable health insurance plans you can go for the independent freelancers organizations. Notably. 
NASE(National Associate for the Self Employed)
The freelancers union.
National Association of Health Underwriters.

You pay around 150$ for your health insurance along with access to America's big stores like Depot, LegalZoom and TurboTax. You also develop a relationship with other freelancers and share your knowledge. These independent organizations also have thousands of clients who will help you at the medical emergency. 

Learn money management. 
One of the most important thing as a freelancer in maintaining your health insurance policy is to maintain a good savings account. All the mentioned health insurance policies are cheap and less than 300$. Remember you will soon become a family man. You will have to adopt a larger health insurance plan for your children and parents.
Having a strong habit of saving your money and spend less on unnecessary expenses. Create a separate account just for the emergency purpose only. Monthly deposit 200 to 300$. Trust me it will help you on the medical emergencies. Even putting your money on stocks is indeed a good idea.

To find the best affordable health insurance plans is to talk to the experienced people and get their advice also talk to your family members about your plan to buy a affordable health insurance plans. Compare with different private health insurance companies. See their ratings and how old is that the firm. Don't forgot to utilize the state sponsored schemes like medicare and medicaid for your children and elderly parents. Just use your health insurance policies wisely. 

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