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Rebel Wilson weight loss journey. Rebel Wilson weight loss diet and exercises.

Rebel Williams weight loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss journey. Rebel Wilson weight loss diet and exercises.

When hollywood is filled with slim actresses no one thought a chubby Australian will find a fame in the industry. Rebel wilson weight loss journey started while the actress was preparing for her role in "Cats". The actress regularly updates her insta with her diet and exercises. Rebel wilson does not believe in sudden wight loss shakes. She was slow and steady and believed in consistency as the key to achieve her weight loss.

Rebel Wilson hollywood dream.
Rebel Wilson was born in march 2 1980 in sydney, Australia. Rebel Wilson's mother is a professional dog trainer. She was very much interested in pursuing mathematics as she was good at numbers. However her parents wanted her to be a lawyer. Then after career confusion she went through just like every other teenagers. Finally she wanted to be an actress.

She did her bachelor of arts at university of new south wales. She went to America to pursue her acting career. It was all of a sudden she got selected in a week of time without any struggle. 

Hollywood career.
Rebel wilson moved to New York after winning ATYP scholarship which was funded by Nicole Kidman. She made her small screen debuts with SBS comedy series "pizza" and sketch comedy series "the wedge". She got some small roles in "Fat pizza" and "Ghost rider".
Rebel wilson breakthrough came in at 2013 for pitch perfect. The same year she got Mtv movie award for best performance and Teen choice awards. She lives as a successful actress for more than one decade in hollywood. She is waiting for her upcoming film "Private benjamin" sharing her screen with Amanda Seyfried. 

Want to be a versatile actor.
At one point Rebel williams thought she wanted to make some serious change in her acting. She wanted to be a versatile actor just like Robin Williams. At one time you can see him in hilarious roles in Mrs.Doubtfire at the same time he can make you cry by playing as a teacher in Dead poets society. She believed that change should start from her body. She started her diet long before 2017 before anyone noticed.

Rebel Wilson weight loss diet.

Rebel Wilson does not believe in quick weight loss shakes or products. She believe in low carbs and green salads. It was her gym trainer Jono Castano who helped her in achieving her goals.

Rebel Williams started her day by drinking a glass of warm water. Warm water flushes out impurities in our stomach and also helps in bowl movement.

She eats a whole wheat bread. Wheat breads are full of fibers. Fibers helps in removing body fats and iron in toast improves haemoglobin level in our blood. She also drink a glass of papaya juice as they are loaded with vitamin C.

For lunch she used to take high fat sandwich. The high fat or HGH are helps in your keto diet. Reducing carbs and taking high fat will trigger ketosis.

Rebel wilson has variety of homemade shakes or homemade dark chocolates. Her favorite strawberry shake keep her refreshed throughout her day.

For night she either takes lentil salad or chicken grill. She takes it lightly may be half of her stomach.

Drinks plenty of water.
One of her secrets for weight loss is drinking plenty of water. She almost drinks more than five litres per day. She drinks one glass of water every one hour. She also make her own lemonade or watermelon juices. Her favourite is making ice cubes on water melon juices.

Rebel Williams weight loss workout.
Wilson's coach prefers cardio as best weight loss exercise for her. The famous cardio exercises includes.

Running fast without break to hundred metres. During sprinting your entire body works helping you in burning calories faster. For beginners it is better to start slow and improve every day.

Swimming is another important exercise where you will have a same benefits of sprinting. Swimming refresh you body and mind. She regularly does her swimming.

Stair climbing. 
For the over weight people it is one of the effective exercise. You just have to climb to the top. Rebel wilson coach take her to oprah tower in australia for the exercises. Even rebel wilson posted about this exercise on her page.

Other than cardio wilson also spend a lot of her time on gym. She is regular on sit-ups, crunches, reverse crunches, flutter kicks, elbow planks. She daily does 300 skipping every day.

Positivity is her strength. 
For the most newbies in the movie industry they screw up their beginning of their career. The competition in hollywood is so intense. But Rebel wilson got her chance without much effort due to selection of her roles. She is now a successful woman in hollywood. 

Do it like wilson. She was slow she was regular and by her hard work she is now a successful woman. She recently bought two houses worth five million on her home country and she is just turned 40 this year. We wish her great success in her life. 

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