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Bhumi Pednekar weight loss motivation. Bhumi Pednekar weight loss tips.

Bhumi pednekar weight loss

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss motivation: 

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss journey is such a motivation to all the newbies. From a over weight assistant director to a successful actress in the bollywood industry is a long journey. Bhumi Pednekar weight loss story is one such a wonderful example of hard work and patience. 

Bhumi Pednekar started her acting career as a over weight teacher in her debut film "dum laga ke haisha". Bhumi's debut as sandhya impressed everyone from the industry. Bhumi Pednekar is now a leading star in bollywood. Let us see Bhumi Pednekar's weight loss tips that she personally tried and worked out.

Bhumi Pednekar's early life.
Bhumi Pednekar is born and raised in mumbai. After dropping her school she started her career as a assistant director at yash raj films. After working as a assistant director for more than six years. Bhumi pednekar started her acting career on "dum laga ke haisha" starring opposite to Ayushmann Khurrana. She is now a successful actress in the industry. She did that and rose to her fame all through her patience and perseverance.

Let us see Bhumi Pednekar weight loss tips that she shared on her instagram.

Bhumi Pednekar weight loss tips. 

a. Bhumi start's her day with a glass of warm water or detox water like lemonade. This ancient japanese technique clears out impurity in the body. Warm water clears out impurities in digestive track and improve bowl movement. Warm water speeds up metabolic rate, burns out body fats thus helps in weight loss.

b. Before her workout session like one hour before she takes a whole wheat bread with two omelettes and also a glass of papaya or apple juice. The whole bread contains calcium, protein and iron. Taking protein during workout break down and grow muscle cells.Papaya which is full of Vitamin  C and antioxidants cleans out the arteries and remove bad cholesterol.

c. After her workout she take 5 boiled egg whites. egg whites contains full of protein. an average egg white contains 13 grams of protein. An average protein needed for male is 50 grams and for female is 40 grams.

One of the major secret of Bhumi Pednekar weight loss that she did all that with the home made foods. Bhumi is not a girl who advertise for costly weight loss foods or products. She is the girl next door. 

She makes her own roti. Not wheat but a healthy mixture of bajra, jowar, nachni, soya, chana or rajgira and toppled with white butter. she also has homemade dahi and glass of chaas to prepare side dish.

When she is out for shooting she goes for grilled chicken, grilled chicken sandwich and brown bread vegetables. or simply a cup of brown rice along with chicken gravy which is between 400 to 500 calories with very little as 70 grams of carbs. Chicken is one of the cheapest source of protein to build your body muscle. Chicken is also loaded with calcium and phosphorus to build your bone strength. Chicken soup will boost body immunity.

Evening snacks.
At 4.30PM Bhumi Pednekar eat about half papaya, guava or apple. On 7PM some green tea with walnuts and some dried fruits. or big bowl of green salad with walnuts and dried fruits. Green salad or leaf vegetables which is loaded with fiber, vitamin C. They have the amazing ability to burn body fat and in weight loss.

At night she eat grilled fish or grilled chicken or try out new recipes from the internet. For any occasional vegetarian diet she add some cooked tofu with fried vegetables along with a cup of brown rice. Brown rice which is less processed rice retains it's nutritional values. One cup of brown rice contains 5 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fiber and 1.5 grams of fat. Brown rice is also rich in magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Healthy snacks.
Bhumi Pednekar weight loss diet strictly avoids all kinds of junk and roasted foods because those foods are not only unhealthy to your body but also to the mind. Junk foods will cause obesity in children and chronic heart problems. Instead she goes for the homemade shakes and green salads.

Berrie smoothie: Add a glass of water, two spoons of yogurt, one spoon of honey and 200 grams of berries. mix it well with blender.

Yogurt cubes: Add yogurt shake and strawberry shakes in the ice cubes. freeze it and mix both the cubes. it will be the best cold snacks in the summer. Yogurt shakes at the morning helps in good bacteria in your stomach.

Dark chocolate: If you don't have time for all this buy a branded dark chocolate. Dark chocolates contains 70% cocoa with more anti oxidants. Flavanols in dark chocolates lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow. Cocoa in dark chocolates reduces LDL(bad cholesterol) and fights free radicals.

Stop sugar. 
one of her biggest advice for weight loss is to avoid refined sugar. There is serious studies going on regarding negative effect it will have on our health. Refined sugars cause obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. However you can not deny it as it is almost present on every foods, carbonated drinks, juice, and bakery items. 

The best alternative for refined sugar is honey. Honey is been used from 2400 BC from egyptian and sumerian civilizations. Honey is natural sugar that can replace refined sugar in every ways. Honey can be used in coffee and tea. Honey can be used instead of jam in bread toast. Honey can be used with walnuts and dried fruits. Honey have the ability to cure common cold, bad breath and infections.

For any successful goal one of the most needed habit is consistency. Do it for daily,weekly,monthly even yearly to see the result. The very reason why we don't succeed in our goal is not being regularly showing up. Where there is pain there will be a gain. Work for it and go for it.

It is never been an single task of loosing weight but it also connects many smaller tasks like eating the right food,hitting the gym regularly. If you take rest for every small task and every small mistake you make. You will never achieve anything in your life. 

Weight loss exercises.
Apart from diet and healthy eating. Exercises play an important role in losing pounds. Let us see the top exercise routine to keep you healthy and fit.

a. Walking. 
Walking is famous exercise routine for all the lazy people. You can simply start it by putting your shoes. If you are uncomfortable with the outdoor means you can simply get some low cost tread mill. Start slowly may be for thirty minutes daily and gradually increase for every week. You will see the good result. Walking regularly will improves cardiovascular fitness, reduces body fat and motor skills.

b. Cycling. 
Cycling is another exercise schedule where you can put your entire body into work. From your shoulder to feet. For every sunday you can drive for 30 to 50 kilometers. Cycling not only improves your physical body but also your mental strength.

c. Swimming. 
Swimming is an excellent way of losing your body weight. Swimming will improve your overall heart health. Swimming regularly will improve your lungs function. Swimming also improves arthritis, muscle and motor functions.

Her own words.
In her own words Bhumi Pednekar said, "Don’t push yourself into a zone where you set unachievable targets for yourself. I was able to lose weight in a happy state of mind because I would not starve myself."

Bhumi Pednekar did all those things without a dietician and just by google searching popular web pages. In her weight loss diet she avoided all junk and sugar foods, she set achievable targets and made this all through her mother's support and love.

Bhumi Pednekar success story.
Bhumi is now at the height of her career. She won best actress award along with Tapsee Pannu for Saand Ki Aankh. Bhumi loves playing small town girls despite several criticism. She is not someone who broke herself for some random comments. Her recent film Saand Ki Aankh is one such a example where she played the role of 65 year old shooter Chandro Tomar.

About her relationship rumors Bhumi said she don't have time for those things and don't want to invest her time in relationships. She said she already happy with her family and it's up to her mother to choose the right boy.

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