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How to care your ageing parents. 21 Tips to care your ageing parents.


How to care your ageing parents: When we get married and settled in a nice job. We often forget our ageing parents due to our busy schedule. We often spend more time with our wife and children than the ageing parents who brought up to this level of standing independent in this society.

Not a surprise America is one of the leading country in ageing parents left uncared. They were not given even the basics that they deserve from their children. Today we stand strong with a nice degree and a job all due to our ageing parents who worked as a bar attender. Let's not forgot that. Let us see some of the basic responsibilities as a son or daughter to do to our ageing parents.

21 Tips to care your ageing parents.


1.Be the person. 
For most of their parents all their ambition would be they don't want their son or daughter to suffer the same fate that they had. They worked hard to uplift their son. So be responsible. They paid your college fees not to party around but to study well and get into a nice job. Every person have their deviation whether it's a drug or bad friendship but always remember there's a family is waiting for you. Your ageing parents health deteriorates. They can't take stairs anymore. So it's your responsibility to be a good and responsible son.

2.Give them pocket money. 
Most of the ageing parents are shy to ask money from their son that's due to their self respect of being not able to earn anymore. So be first to give money to your ageing parents every month at the exact date. May be 1st of every month. May be 2000$ or 3000$. That will give them moral strength of being independent that i am getting it from my son or daughter.

3.Appreciate if they want to work.
Every ageing parents will go through that joblessness when they retire. So it's natural for them not able to sit in sofa and starring at the walls. So appreciate if your old age parents wanted to work part time. Any work place that's very near from your home. a workplace is a great place where old age people get relaxed so any job of minimum work time is great for your parents.

4.Love them like they loved you.
Another major problem that every ageing parents faces are being lonely. You will be busy with your wife and children. You will often forgot your ageing parents so always show them love. Let them stay with you if not next to your home or apartment. See them twice a day or call them often. It's same for your wife's ageing parents too. Encourage your wife to see her ageing parents weekly.

5.Give them a separate room or home.
Most of the ageing parents don't want any trouble to their son. So they usually prefer live separately. It's always a good idea to give them a separate room or an house next to you. Again your ageing parents must be the decision makers. Make sure the room or house is comfortable for them with all the basic needs. Always prefer first floor that is something you old age parents can come out in case of emergency and ask for help. Rework your bathroom floors. Add some grab bars at the bathroom. Make sure there is no electrical fluctuations in the home. Replace carbon monoxide detectors often or place multiple detectors.

6.Safety first.
The world is not a safer place anymore. In Asia you will have congested cities. You can literally shout for help from your room. But in America you will have one house for every one kilometre. So make sure your ageing parents living in a congested and safe neighborhood. Teach your ageing parents about basic safety like lock your room inside. Having emergency numbers for help. Make sure your ageing parents don't drive at night or traffic regions.

7.Beware of troubled teenagers.
Beware of troubled teenagers in your area. Beware of burglars. Keep your ageing parents safe from them. Often ageing parents are the victims of burglary or assaults. Don't keep costly items on your parents home. Even the car. Let it be a average one.

8.Video tape your moments.
Video tape your moments with your ageing parents. Like waking up, sleeping, talking, walking, shopping, tour, birthday parties, gardening. They will remain as a good memories. Have the habit of talking to your ageing parents regularly so that you can understand what they are going through.

9.Final wishes.
Talk to your ageing parents about unfinished duties. One of my friend's parent said he wanted to meet his school time girlfriend. This is crazy but it's his wish. Finally his son found his father's classmate after two months of search. Take your parents to a near park or sunday churches. It will ease their mind. Walk to the beach or to even a travel destinations like Europe or Asia.

10.Regular checkup.
You should take a complete body check up for your parents once a year. Vital check ups like heart, liver, kidney or cancer should be checked. Make sure your ageing parents should maintain a good sugar and blood pressure levels. A cheap good medical cover up will do the job. Appoint a nurse to see your parents twice a week. a gerontologist will check your parents body conditions by seeing the patches.

11.Make use of technology.
Use the latest gadgets or technology for your ageing parents like camera fitted around and inside the home. Place fire alarm or Carbon monoxide alarm. Apple watch with electrocardiogram, GPS and emergency SOS button. You can use Skype call when you are out of the city.

12.Control over foods.
When our parents gets old they have that strong craving for sweets or spices. It is important for you to know what your parents are eating. Instead you can give them sugar free items or fruit juices. Advice your parents about the effects it will have on their health.

13. Check your house wiring.
One important factor that needs attention is the wiring and rework the bathroom. It is important to have rough surfaces in bathroom rather than mosaic surfaces. Check the water heater, fire extinguishers, microwave oven, refrigerators, and air-conditioners as this will cause electrical fluctuations and gas leak. Make sure carbon monoxide detectors working properly. It is even a good idea to move your ageing parents to ground floor. Also maintain a good relationship with the neighbors around. They will surely help in emergency situations.

One common problems our parents suffer is dementia or loss of memory. Things will often go worse they will even forgot to take their tablets or forgot their wounds. So it is necessary to go physically check whether they took the tablets or ate their foods. It is even good idea to check for wounds on their body.

15.Emergency plan.
Always have a emergency plan for your ageing parents in case if they fell down from stairs or a sudden heart attack. Inform neighbours to check your old age parents often like giving foods or groceries. Give a apple watch for your ageing parents. It have SOS, electrocardiogram, fall alarm. Teach your parents how to call 911 in emergency situations.

16.Save money.
Have the habit of saving. Open a separate bank account just for saving. Have the habit putting 500 to 1000 $ per month. It will help you in emergency situation and for the important medical needs of your ageing parents. With some simple check ups and follow up you can avoid the costly surgeries. Like avoiding fat and regular check ups will help you to save cost of angiography. Avoiding salt will save you from cost of kidney failures.

Help your ageing parents to do their simple exercises on their own. Let your ageing parents do a simple walk about one hour and some stretches. Let them sit for a thirty minutes in the sun so that they can get some vitamin D. Join them in yoga classes near town if they wish. Yoga is a great way to calm your mind.

18.Hire a caregiver if necessary. 
You can't always be with your ageing parents. There needs to be someone on the home to look after your parents. You can hire a caregiver for your ageing parents. You can even opt for loans if necessary. Chat with your caregiver regularly and about your parents needs. You can even chat with your personal doctor for the routines and check ups.

19.Teach them latest technology. 
Teach your ageing parents how to use the latest technology. Teach them about important apps. Teach them about delivery apps like teach your ageing parents how to order for food or grocery items. Install Alexa or Google on your home. They will have the control of your home.

20.News and Netflix. 
Old age people are news addicts. They like discussing politics. They watch news for hours. So it's always good to have a newspaper, tv in your home. Even a netflix connection will be great for them to pass time.

Let your ageing parents grow some trees. Some trees live for 200 years. It will be in the memory of your parents. Growing orange tree or apple or blueberry is a great pleasure for your ageing parents.

Your ageing parents are now at the end of their time. So it is important for you to fulfill all their needs. Take your ageing parents to a park and know what is inside their minds. Talk to them. Spend your precious moments with them. Do regular medical check ups. Caring your ageing parents require a lot of time, efforts and dedication. Simply you have to be a mother to your mother. Father to your father.

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