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How to care your ageing parents. 21 Tips to care your ageing parents.

How to care your ageing parents: When we get married and settled in a nice job. We often forget our ageing parents due to our busy schedule. We often spend more time with our wife and children than the ageing parents who brought up to this level of standing independent in this society. Not a surprise America is one of the leading country in ageing parents left uncared. They were not given even the basics that they deserve from their children. Today we stand strong with a nice degree and a job all due to our ageing parents who worked as a bar attender. Let's not forgot that. Let us see some of the basic responsibilities as a son or daughter to do to our ageing parents. 21 Tips to care your ageing parents. 1.Be the person.  For most of their parents all their ambition would be they don't want their son or daughter to suffer the same fate that they had. They worked hard to uplift their son. So be responsible. They paid your college fees not to party around but to s