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How to avoid stinky protein farts? Six ways to stop protein farts.

How to avoid stinky protein farts? Six ways to stop protein farts.

How to avoid stinky protein farts? Six ways to stop protein farts: Protein is the essential building blocks of our body. How do you stop protein farts? Especially if you are a teen waiting to grow taller or an adult working out in your gym. The one disturbing thing is the stinky and disgusting protein farts that makes you uncomfortable all the time.

An average persons farts between five to fifteen times per day but if you are that person who consumes more protein for your body. You will suffer more. Protein farts will literally tear you apart if you are on a date with your girlfriend or in a serious office meeting where you can not control your bloating.

So, how much protein should you take per day?
An average male is required to take 35grams of protein and a average female is required 28grams. High protein and low carbs diets are the most trending among the keto fans around the world. People are looking for fat burning mechanism and protein plays an important role. Protein is also rich in fibers which helps in controlling diabetes, blood sugar and heart diseases.

How do you stop protein farts?

1. Eat the right food at the right time. 
The common cause of fart is actually not the proteins. It's actually bad eating and bad sleeping. Eating poor and spicy food will give you fart and sleeping quickly after the food will gives you fart. Eat the right amount. Always eat half of your stomach. Before filling your plate with foods fix it in your mind that you should eat the right amount.

2. Avoid Dairy products. 

Dairy products are known for gas. Milk, ghee and cheese are loaded with lactose which are main causes of protein farts. However eating yogurt regularly will reduce gas. As the good microbes in yogurt will clean the stomach.

3.The common gas causing foods. 
a. Cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels.
b. Sprouts.
c. Cheese, milk, and other lactose-containing products.
d. Beans and peas.
e. Garlic and onions.

Broccoli is one of the commonly used protein rich vegetable which is also the common cause for protein farts.

4.Gut microbes.
The lack of gut microbes in your stomach can lead to bloating. It is very important to have gut friendly microbes in your stomach. Now people are opting for probiotics - the protein foods with readymade microbes to deal with digestion and gas. The common probiotics foods are Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces boulardii. If you can't afford to probiotics product you can take a glass of yogurt per day as the yogurts are loaded with good microbes. Yogurt is one of the reliable cure for protein farts.

5. Best non gas protein. 
Best non protein foods available in the market are soy and peas. Especially chickpeas are the best non gas protein. Soak the 50 grams or required amount of chickpeas in water for six hours. Then boil it for ten minutes. Eat it. You will get the best protein required for your body without farts.

6.Understand your body.
Try a different products, Try different protein powder. Every protein powder reacts differently. It's like food allergy. You need to find out which one works perfect for you. It will definitely takes some time. If you are a lactose allergic person you will be likely to avoid casein and whey supplements.

Change of lifestyle is also essential in controlling body gas like drinking plenty of water, eating right amount of fibers and involving in lot of physical activities.

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