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10 Health and nutrition benefits of chickpeas.

10 Health and nutrition benefits of chickpeas.

10 Health and nutrition benefits of chickpeas: Garbanzo bean commonly known as chickpeas is a high protein legume. The protein rich chickpeas have number of health benefits. Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes in the world. Every year an average of 12 million chickpeas is produced. India alone contributes 64% production with 7.4 million tons every year followed by Myanmar, Pakistan and Turkey. Despite the need for daily protein. Chickpeas are one of the cheapest source of protein and the best alternative to meat.

In this post let us see the top ten benefits of chickpeas. 

1. Chickpeas nutritional value per cup (164 grams)

Energy  -  267
Protein -   14.4 g
Fat        -   4.2   g
Carbohydrates -  44.7 g + 7.8 g sugar
Fibers                - 12.5 g
Calcium            -  80.4 mg
Iron                    -   4.7 mg
Magnesium      -   78.7 mg
Phosphorus      -    274 mg
Pottasium        -     474 mg
Zinc                   -     2.5 mg
Copper              -      0.6 mg
Selenium          -      6.1 mcg
Vitamin C         -       2.1 mg
Folate               -      280 mcg
Chloine             -      69.7 mg
Beta Carotene  -      26.2 mcg

2. Regulate blood sugar levels.
The regular consumption of chickpeas helps in controlling blood sugar levels.
Chickpeas is a great night supper that you can take instead of wheat which will prevent type 2 diabetes. The glycemic index of chickpeas is very low and it is a good alternative to snacks for your children. 

3. Controls body weight.
The fibers in chickpeas controls body weight and proteins in chickpeas have very high thermic effect which means it will burn 30% of calories during digestion. The proteins in chickpeas also controls body metabolism.

4. Improves digestion. 
The fibers in chickpeas prevents constipation and promote regularity. The fibers in chickpeas act as a bulking agent and improves overall digestion. The chickpeas helps in balancing pH levels and promotes healthy gut bacterias. The gut bacterias plays an important role in maintaining your digestive system. 

5. Heart health. 
Chickpeas contains potassium, vitamin C and folate all of which lower the cholesterol level and support heart health. The folates in chickpeas counter reacts homosysteine, an amino acid which is responsible for formation of plaques in arteries. The chickpeas overall improves blood circulation and removes bad cholesterols in arteries. 

6. Prevents Cancer. 
Selenium is rare minerals that's not found in most vegetables and fruits. It is abundant in chickpeas. Selenium promotes liver function thus it detoxify cancer causing compounds in the body. Folate present in chickpeas repair damaged cells and it involves in DNA synthesis. 
Folate and selenium present in chickpeas protects our body from cancer by halting the mutation of cancer cells and by detoxifying cancer causing compounds.

7. Best alternative to meat protein. 
Many people are looking for the alternative to meat protein. The nutritional chickpeas are not only the best alternative to meat but it is also one of the cheapest source for protein. An average cup of chickpeas (162 grams) contains 15 grams of protein whereas the average protein needed for male is 35 grams and for female it is 30 grams. 
The nutritional chickpeas are also best alternative to Lactose protein. Protein is the body building nutrients. It repairs from muscle to hair. Protein slows down ageing process. 

8. Promotes hair growth.
Chickpeas promotes healthy hair. People spend a lot of money for their hair growth. They spend it for their shampoos and hair oil. Chickpeas contains protein, iron and biotin which are essential nutrients for hair growth. Chickpeas also contains zinc which removes dandruffs. Iron in chickpeas helps in strengthening hair follicles. Since chickpeas promotes blood circulation it heals alopecia in forehead and cure male pattern baldness. 
To get full benefits of chickpeas, it is important to take a cup of chickpeas every night before sleep. It have almost everything for your hair and it stimulates hair growth. 

Beta carotene and zinc in chickpeas helps in vision. Zinc present in chickpeas also helps in macular degeneration. 

10. Bone strength. 
Chickpeas contains calcium and magnesium which are essential nutrients for bone strength. The other benefits of chickpeas are it is also rich in manganese, zinc and vitamin K. Chickpeas have the right combination of phosphorus and calcium. Taking low amount of calcium and high amount of phosphorus lead to bone loss or degeneration of bones. Zinc helps in production of collagen and vitamin K helps in absorption of calcium. 

The regular intake of chickpeas often linked to bloating. One cup of chickpeas (162 grams) is sufficient for your everyday's body need. Taking break for every weekend is good for your gut health and improves absorption of nutrients by your gut. Chickpeas is full of healthy minerals and vitamins.

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