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10 Health and nutrition benefits of chickpeas.

10 Health and nutrition benefits of chickpeas:  Garbanzo bean commonly known as chickpeas is a high protein legume. The protein rich chickpeas have number of health benefits. Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes in the world. Every year an average of 12 million chickpeas is produced. India alone contributes 64% production with 7.4 million tons every year followed by Myanmar, Pakistan and Turkey. Despite the need for daily protein. Chickpeas are one of the cheapest source of protein and the best alternative to meat. In this post let us see the top ten benefits of chickpeas.  1. Chickpeas nutritional value per cup (164 grams) Energy  -  267 Protein -   14.4 g Fat        -   4.2   g Carbohydrates -  44.7 g + 7.8 g sugar Fibers                - 12.5 g Calcium            -  80.4 mg Iron                    -   4.7 mg Magnesium      -   78.7 mg Phosphorus      -    274 mg Pottasium        -     474 mg Zinc                   -     2.5 mg Copper       

How to cook chickpeas properly. Chickpeas benefits for no fart diet.

How to cook chickpeas properly. Chickpeas benefits for no fart diet. Vegetarians who are looking for non meat proteins for their daily need. Then chickpeas are the best source of protein. Chickpeas or Garbanzo beans are common legumes cultivated in Asia. Chickpeas comes with different colors. The most common are white chickpeas. Almost the entire chickpeas is full of nutrients. Chickpeas have number of benefits. Chickpeas is full of nutrition and minerals. In this post we also see how to cook chickpeas properly and to get all it's benefits. Let us see the top five benefits of chickpeas. 1. Diabetes. Chickpeas are loaded with fibers. Regular intake of chickpeas controls body blood sugar and insulin level. Dietary guidelines for proteins needed for male is 35 grams and for female it is 30 grams. 2. Bone strength. The bengal chickpeas or black chickpeas are loaded with zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphate and vitamin k which are responsible for maintaining bone heal

How to avoid stinky protein farts? Six ways to stop protein farts.

How to avoid stinky protein farts? Six ways to stop protein farts:  Protein is the essential building blocks of our body. How do you stop protein farts? Especially if you are a teen waiting to grow taller or an adult working out in your gym. The one disturbing thing is the stinky and disgusting protein farts that makes you uncomfortable all the time. An average persons farts between five to fifteen times per day but if you are that person who consumes more protein for your body. You will suffer more. Protein farts will literally tear you apart if you are on a date with your girlfriend or in a serious office meeting where you can not control your bloating. So, how much protein should you take per day? An average male is required to take 35grams of protein and a average female is required 28grams. High protein and low carbs diets are the most trending among the keto fans around the world. People are looking for fat burning mechanism and protein plays an important role. Pro