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Keto chicken broth recipe.

Keto chicken broth recipe.

Keto chicken broth recipe. When keto bombs taking over our kitchen. Keto broth recipes becomes nice alternatives to keto fat bombs. Keto chicken broth is a delicious recipe for keto lovers. The boneless chicken and boiled crushed bones will give you a mesmerizing taste. 

Like keto fat bombs, keto chicken broth recipes also filled with high fat and low carbs ingredients. Keto broth are made with both veg and non-veg ingredients.

In this post let us see how to make a basic chicken broth keto fat bomb.


1.CHICKEN 100 grams.






Keto chicken soup recipe.

High quality slimmered chicken soup contains magnesium, phosphorus, gelatin, collagen, calcium and iron.

Glutamine in chicken broth heals gut holes and lining and improves digestion and immune system.

Due to naturally occuring gelatin and glutamine. It fights joint pains. Gelatin acts as a cushion in between joints. 

Collagen in the chicken broth heals the skin wrinkles and improves bone density and makes you youthful.


Eggs are loaded with cholesterol. A normal egg contains 212mg of cholesterol where as our body needs an average of 300 mg of cholesterol.
However, there is a major concern about heart attack. There is no worry as eggs only produce good cholesterols and also we have liver which manages cholesterol in our body. 

a single egg contains everything that required to turn a single cell into a baby chicken. A single whole egg contains vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B5,Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12.


a. To make chicken broth either you can buy from store or take 100 grams of chicken. Take 200ml of water. Add some salt and turmeric powder to water. Make the chicken into small pieces. Add chicken pieces and boil it for fifteen minutes until you feel the nice broth smell. 

b. Add few pieces of bacon fat. 

c. Add one table spoon of garlic paste. 

d. Now mix them well. Keep the flame for about ten minutes. 

e. Now switch off the gas. 

f. Finally add two whole eggs and whisk them well. 

g. Add some spices if you want. Finally your keto chicken soup is ready.

You can take twice or thrice a day.

100 gram of chicken  broth contains.




SODIUM 23,875 mg




Chicken broth definitely good for your ketogenic diet. It is loaded with good fats and potassium which is good for your blood circulation.
Especially at winter it will keep you warm.

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