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How to make cream cheese fat bomb.

How to make cream cheese fat bomb:  Keto fat bombs are snacks or deserts specially made for the people who are undergoing ketogenic diet. We are making strawberry flavoured cream cheese fat bomb. It is high in  fat and zero in carbs as people on keto diet go for starvation. This fat bombs helps them to curb hunger and add fats to their body. In this post we are going to see how to make a cream cheese fat bomb. Before that let us see what are the uses of cheese and butter. CHEESE USES.  a. Cheese is loaded with calcium which is important for our bones and teeth. Cheese also protect your bones from decay. b. Cheese contain linoleic acid and sphingolipids. They play an important role in Cancer prevention. c. Cheese is loaded with fats and also have minerals, protein and vitamins which are important in building your body muscle and for gaining bone thickness. d. Cheese is loaded with calcium as we grow old we suffer loss of calcium in our body. This symptom is called

How to make a chocolate peanut butter keto fat bomb.

How to make a chocolate peanut butter keto fat bomb:  Fat bombs are simply combination of ingredients like butter, coconut oil,nuts, chocolates and seeds. Fat bombs are specially meant for the people who are undergoing ketogenic diets. We will see how to make a chocolate peanut butter keto fat bomb. Fat bombs contains 80% fat 20% protein and 0 to 5% carbohydrates as the people on ketogenic diet undergoes starvation due zero carbohydrates intake. Keto bombs used as snacks to fight hunger. Before that let us see what are the nutritional benefits of chocolates and peanut butter. CHOCOLATE USES. a. Chocolate contains cocoa. Cocoas are loaded with flavonoids which promotes heart health. They also contains HDL or  good cholesterol which act as a engine oil to your heart. b. Cocoa contains flavonoids. According to the American cancer society flavonoids in cocoa reduces cell damage and fight inflammations. c. Flavonoids improves insulin resistance of our body and controls bl

How to make a nutella fat bomb.?

How to make a nutella fat bomb? Fat bombs play an important role in keto diet. Fat bombs are snacks or desserts which are mixture of butter, coconut oil, nuts, seeds made specially for keto dieters.  In this post let us see nutella uses and how to make a nutella fat bomb? Usually fat bombs are taken after every workouts and relieve us from hunger sensations. Fat bombs usually contains 80% fat, 20% proteins and 0 to 5 % carbohydrates. Before that let us see. What is nutella.? Nutella is basically Sweetened hazelnut covered by chocolate cream. They got their name Nutella by a Italian company. Hazelnut gives us tasty snacks and also they are loaded with Vitamin E, protein and dietary fibre. Hazelnut plays an important role in reducing body weight, lowering cholesterol and support heart health. INGREDIENTS 1.Cocoa butter. 2.Hazlenuts. 3.Cocoa powder. 4.Erythritol. 5.Fat bomb mould. INSTRUCTIONS. a. Take a hundred gram of a hazlenuts. Roast it in a pan until th

How to make homemade fat bombs with just 4 ingredients.

How to make a homemade Fat bomb:  Ketogenic diet is taking over the internet. Let us see how to make a homemade fat bomb. The super weight loss diet is getting attractions all over the world. Fat bombs plays an important role in keto diet. Before we look at the pros and cons of fat bombs. what is a fat bomb.? Fat bombs are typically kind of baked cookies or chocolates usually made with butter, nuts, coconut oil, cocoa powder, cheese and strictly no sugar. The main purpose of fat bombs are for your regular ketogenic diet. Fat bombs usually contains high fats, moderate protein and very low carbohydrates. Fat bombs are specially made for the people who are undergoing ketogenic diet. Normal people who eat normal carbohydrates foods are not advised to take fat bombs as fat bombs are loaded with high fats. It will definitely cause problem to your heart and nervous system. How to make a fat bomb? You don't have to be a MasterChef to make a simple fat bomb. Fat bombs are e

What is Keto.? a beginner's guide to the Ketogenic diet.

A beginner's guide to the Ketogenic diet:  The ketogenic diet is the new sensation. It have changed many people's lives. The high fat and low carbohydrate diet program. Without much effort and without much gym work. With some simple diet plan ketos reshaped many people's health and life. Studies shows ketogenic diet helps you to fight diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. What is Ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet is the change of eating habits. Keto diet involves taking high amount of fats and reducing carbohydrates simultaneously and pushing your body into a fat burning metabolism called Ketosis. Types of Keto diet. 1.SKD (Standard Ketogenic Diet) 2.CKD (Cyclical Ketogenic Diet ) 3.TKD (Targeted Ketogenic Diet) 4.HKD (High protein Ketogenic Diet) 1.SKD This is a common keto diet. The diet plan involve taking 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates. 2.CKD It's a weekly ketogenic diet plan contains five continuous ketogenic days

Weight loss tips: Cumin powder to lose 12 pounds in two weeks.

Cumin powder for weight loss. Cumin seed and cumin powder are used by our ancestors for weight loss, blood circulation and save themselves from Body odour. Cumin decorate our kitchen and makes our meals delicious. Do you know.? Cumin has the amazing ability to speed up your weight loss. Study shows that regular consumption of Cumin powder helps you to Detox your blood and make you healthy and fit. Health benefits. • Cumin seeds are rich in antioxidants and also they have polyphenol, gallic acid, quercetin and kaemferol which act as a  free radicals to remove toxicity in your blood. • Cumin contains Thymol - a compound that helps secretion in gastric glands and helps you greatly for digestion. • Study published by journal of Natural Remedies. Cumin contains a bioactive compound called polysterol and saponins that prevents absorption of cholesterol and converts cholesterol into bile acid. • Cumin are rich in vitamin C thus protecting your immune system and save yo