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Five ways to deal with a break up.

Five ways to deal with a breakup:  Nothing is worse then living with broken heart. Breakup is hard especially for women. However every breakup is a lesson for us. Your beautiful life is not going to end due to a bad relationship. There are 7.4 billion people on the earth so it is completely foolish to say my life ends to a single person.  Many people behave foolishly after their breakup. They behave at complete nonsense. The thing is you cannot complaint on someone to whom you once loved the most. You need to accept the pain and you need to move on.  This are my five ways  that you can overcome your breakup and move on. 1.Face it. People pretend like nothing had happened. They live like as if they had overcame their painful relationship. They pretend to be living a happier life after their breakup. The truth is when you pretend as if nothing had happened. You are not actually giving up the pain. The best thing in a relationship is to face the pain. The love

7 ways to be attractive to your life partner. Tips for a successful relationship.

7 ways to be attractive to your life partner. Tips for a successful relationship: It   is said a girl or boy have at least four relationships before their marriage. Relationship is a very important in everyone's life. During your relationship with girl or boy. You have the hard time of facing your girlfriend's or boyfriend's family and friends so it is important to convince them too. You have to make sure that their friend or your girlfriend is safe and happier. I will explain what are the seven factors that decides a successful relationship and also to be attractive to other people. 1.Have some beard and have some physique.  In any relationship a body is a very important factor. You believe it or not. It is important to have a good physique whether it is a boy or a girl. Having a proper body is important. Wake up early and go to gym and build your body. For a girl it is nice to go for a walk and do some exercises. Secondly it is nice to have a beard.

About me.

ABOUT ME My name is ilanthirayan. I did my engineering. Blogging is my passion. I just wanted to stay connected with all people around the world. It's fun and it's cool.


ABOUT US started at 2018. My blog discuss about health, lifestyle and finance. My articles contains deep research and approach on one's lifestyle.  Thank you.

The top five food for heart attack patients

The top five food for heart attack patients: The number of cardiovascular deaths have rose significantly in our country. Junk foods play an important role in heart attacks for adults. We will see the top five foods for heart attack patients. Out of one lakh people 152 people die from cardiovascular deaths alone. Between the period of 1999 to 2016 the United States government has brought several measures which now show the great result. The United States have now reduced heart related death to 41 percent. Unfortunately in India the cardiovascular disease exploded to 36%. The more and more youngsters are now falling to heart related deaths. It is not too late that you can bring your heart health back by doing simple exercises regularly and eating the right food by adding more vegetables and fruits to your meal. If you want to change your diet plan. Then here is my top five list for you to regulate your blood flow and remove the clot in your heart chamber. Food for heart

Heart Attack causes and prevention.

Heart Attack causes and prevention. Heart Attack is becoming one of the worst disease of the current decade. Two out of six people die of heart attacks. Let us see the heart attack causes and prevention. India is the major country which have the highest number of heart attacks. The most shockingly the youngsters between 25 to 35 becoming victim of this deadly disease. Cardiovascular deaths in india. Shockingly in US the cardiovascular disease reduced greatly by the government measures. Unfortunately in India the cardiovascular related death has now increased to 34%. Youngsters are falling to cardiovascular related deaths. Change of lifestyle has now put the Indian youngsters to the risk of heart diseases. The more and more youngsters are now moving towards fast food culture. The country is becoming more westernized rather than home cooked foods. Youngsters are now moving towards Pizza and junk foods. Adding more fuel to the disease the online food delivery services a

Foods that make you taller and thinner.

Foods that make you taller and thinner. Tired of short height. Here is my list of top 10 foods that will make you taller and thinner during your adolescent period. One have to make the complete use of the adolescence period from 13 to 18 when the body shows a complete and full swing growth. One have to take complete supplement to boost your growth. It is not too late. With the right amount of food and with the right amount of exercises you can make yourself taller. Here is my top 10 list of food for growing taller 1.Eggs 2.Milk 3.Chicken breast 4.Oats 5.Spinach 6.Beef 7.Nuts 8.yogurt 9.Beans 10.almonds When I was a kid my grandmother advised me to take Ashwagandha daily as most of the children nowadays don't know what is that even. Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that will boost Your body growth. Ashwagandha activates pituitary gland.  The term Ashwagandha came from Sanskrit word which means smell of a horse. Ashwagandha is a beautiful herb that is u