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How to reduce weight naturally in two weeks.

Want to reduce weight naturally then here is the answer. Finger millet or ragi is an annual herbaceous plant and very common in Asia and Africa. It is very popular in Harappan period. Many Tamil sangam literature praised its nutritional benefits. It is one of the nine cereals or thinai. It is used in ancient Tamil siddha medicine. It is very famous as ragi in India. This rich ragi is full of calcium, iron, protein and phosphorus and also have a very low fat. Ragi is the cheapest source for weight loss diet. Ragi benefits. Protein Ragi contains eleusinin which can be easily absorbed by the body. Unlike other cereals. The proteins in ragi can be easily observed. Minerals Ragi is loaded with calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. The mineral content in ragi is very higher than costly cereals. Iron and protein helps for hair growth and calcium for bone growth. If you want to grow taller then ragi is the best and cheap plan. Antioxidants Ragi contai