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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to make bhringraj oil at home.

  Ilanthirayan       Monday, 26 November 2018

How to make bhringraj oil.

How to make bhringraj oil at home:

In my previous post i have explained what are the causes for hair fall in adults, foods to be taken. In this post let us see how to make a good bhringraj oil at home. I too suffered a lot of hair fall in my late twenties. 

One day i asked my grandmother how should i make a good hair oil. She said, "only three things are needed." But I said to her, "In YouTube they are saying about 10 herbal  mixtures." My grandmother said only three herbs are enough to make a homemade bhrinhraj hair oil.

So, me and my brother went to get bhringraj leaves in a nearby paddy fields. We live in a small village. It is a beautiful scenery. My advice to get bhringraj is go to the villagers and ask them for where it can be found. You can usually find them near a paddy field or near a river. You can also find them in the stream. You need to be careful. Search for only white flowered plant. The white flowered bhringraj is for hair growth. Strictly not the yellow one. Yellow is for skin.

Items needed to make a homemade bhringraj oil.

1. Coconut oil half litre.
2. Bhringraj leaves half the amount of coconut oil.
3. Two amla. Remove the seeds.
4. Curry leaves. Half the size of the bhringraj.

(Mixture must be perfect. Do not add too much. Must be at the right proportion.)

How to make homemade bhringraj oil.

a. Wash the bhringraj leaves.

b. Grind the  bhringraj separately, amla without seed separately, curry leaves separately and strictly do not add water. You are making oil.

c. Add bhringraj, amla and curry leaves paste together. Mix them again in the blender.

d. Put the vessel, I prefer iron vessel. Switch the flame in medium. Pour the half litre coconut oil. Heat it for at least ten minutes in medium flame. Now you can smell the coconut oil odour after ten minutes. Do not over heat the oil.

e. Put the mixture in the boiling oil. Mix it with spoon. If foam comes out lower the flame. Do it for at least seven minutes. Now switch off the flame.

f. Place them in the open air for at least 7 hours.

g. Now use the white towel. Don't use the coloured one. Use white cotton towel to Filter the oil. Now your bhringraj is ready. You can use the oil for six months.

For asthma or allergy people.

Mixture of bhringraj and amla is a dangerous combination. They are like eating 10 ice cream at a time. If you have asthma, cold or allergy don't use the above mentioned bhringraj oil.


1. Instead of bhringraj leaves you should use bhringraj powder. You can get them in the ayurvedic stores. Don't add amla.

2. Fennel seed. (Karisangkanni or karuncheeragam in tamil)

3. Curry leaves ten numbers.

4. Grind them all separately.

Use the same procedures. It will work well. It can be applied even to asthma patients and cold or allergic patients.
The first one is very powerful where we are use raw bhringraj leaves and amla. Second one can be applied to everyone. It will give you good results.


Thanks for reading How to make bhringraj oil at home.

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