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Monday, 26 November 2018

Food for hair growth and thickness.

  Ilanthirayan       Monday, 26 November 2018

Food for hair growth and thickness.

Food for hair growth and thickness.
Top foods for your hair growth and thickness. After 25 many youngsters feel the sudden hair fall. Hair is very important part of a human body. A face is not complete without hair. Unfortunately hair fall related to genes. If one of your parent have bald hair, sadly it will take a lot of work.

But if your parents have good and thick hair. There's more chance that you can get all your hair back. So what are the reason behind hair fall.

Not only for hair fall but also for cardiac, obesity and diabetes. The major reason for all those health conditions are fast food culture. Do you know out of whole India Assam is the only state that produce crops without pesticides. A model eating pizza in a TV ad doesn't mean she is really healthy. It's just a click bait to attract more customers. Rise of fast foods in India like noodles, fried rice and Parotta became a regular food for every middle class in India.

Strictly avoid fast foods and most importantly avoid chickens. Chicken is very harmful for your hair. The broiler chicken is sunday meal for almost all the middle class families in India. Instead eat seafood, mutton or beef.

Foods for hair loss recovery.

Foods for hair growth

Go green that is my answer for you. Eat spinach at least twice a week or thrice a week. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as you can. Eat less at night. For adults and adolescence the masturburation is one of the major reason for thinness and fall of a hair. DHT secretion during masturburation will thin your hair. Masturburate at least twice a week. Not more than that.

Chickpeas for hair growth.

Hair fall cure

Chickpeas! Yes you may not heard of it's benefits for hair. For hair growth two things are really important. Protein and iron. Protein for hair growth and iron for thickness. Chickpeas have the right amount of iron and protein. Please do not take sprout. Especially office goers. It will give you a big stinky farts. For the office goers i suggest you in every morning take 50 gram of chickpeas. Soak it in the water  for minimum six hours. At night and after six hours boil it without salt. You take it to a minimum level. Not more than 50 grams. 50 grams is the average protein needed for your body. Chickpeas are the best food for hair growth and thickness.

Chickpeas for hair loss recovery.

a. After Soaking the chickpeas for six hours.

b. Boil chickpeas for ten minutes.

c. Once cooled down you can eat it.

d. Minimum of 50 gram is needed everyday. It will definitely make your hair back. Chickpeas are the most effective remedy for pattern baldness.

e. Also don't forget to take lot of eggs, spinach and pumpkin seeds regularly. They are too loaded with lots of iron and protein. They will boost your hair growth and thickness.

f. Do a lot of exercises. Lack of blood flow will also cause baldness. Do at least minimum of one hour intense exercises.

g. Do meditation and yoga. Hypertension will cause hair fall in adults.

h. Do it for two months. Make it as a habit. You will see the result. 


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